10 Marvel Villains With Inconsistent Powers

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Marvel villains are a various bunch, packing an unbelievable vary of powers. However the way in which these skills are used could be inconsistent. Whether or not it is a lack of continuity in the way in which they’re utilized or a real fluctuation within the items these antagonists are geared up with, holding observe of what they’ll do may very well be fairly troublesome.

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Nonetheless, once they want them, their powers ship. Marvel’s heroes are endlessly in peril of falling prey to those masterful foes, every of which might attain their full potential if the reliability of their powers may very well be predicted. After all, narratively talking, slightly inconsistency is helpful for writing round advanced conditions.

10 Physician Doom

Many Marvel heroes lunge toward Doctor Doom on Alex Ross' main cover for Fantastic Four #7 (2023).

Physician Doom’s powers fluctuate each day, relying on the sources obtainable to him and the data he has uncovered. His magical skills are sometimes on the forefront of his assaults, however these could be draining and thus are used tactically in any given situation.

Physician Doom’s scientific and technological defenses are additionally at all times being upgraded and depleted. With the paranormal and futuristic sides of Doom at all times in flux, it is exhausting to inform which model of the Physician will flip up. What’s extra, the Laterverian chief has an enormous reliance on artifacts just like the Norn Stones or Kraken’s Eye, ensuing within the influential Marvel villain shifting up and down the ability scale quickly.

9 Carnage

Cletus Kasady as Carnage in Marvel Comics.

Most Symbiotes have seen their skills evolve based mostly on what is required for the story. However as one of many main antagonists for Spider-Man and Venom, it is no shock that Carnage has modified greater than most. His weaknesses come and go each time using fireplace and sound is handy.

The gooey creations of the Symbiote repeatedly differ, with Carnage sometimes throwing out strikes not often seen. The character even briefly had a hypnosis-like impact, constructing a military out of Symbiote brethren, however this pale away, too. The Spider-Man villain deserves his personal horror film, but it surely’s maybe an absence of Cletus Kassidy that makes all of the distinction in using his skills.

8 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch casts a spell in Marvel Comics.

The Scarlet Witch has been inconsistent in whether or not she is actually even a villain, so it stands to motive that when she is strolling down a darkish path, her powers mirror that erratic change of coronary heart. What’s extra, Wanda’s items are fairly random of their design.

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With a collection of skills influenced just by chance, Wanda is extremely unpredictable. It really works to her benefit, however the corrupting darkness that has beforehand influenced her has each given and brought away a few of her powers. That results in additional inconsistency, based mostly on the supply of the antagonistic flip, from Mephisto to the Darkhold.

7 The Sentry

Marvel Comics' Sentry in space above Earth.

The Sentry is one other character who, very like Wanda Maximoff, offers with a substantial amount of internal turmoil. The skills of the so-called heroic Sentry are very a lot mimicking that of Superman. However as soon as Sentry transforms into the even crueler Void, his items turn out to be all of the extra sudden.

The inconsistency of Sentry’s powers is due to this fact based mostly on who’s in management. The boundaries of the Void are at present unknown. However how the character was beforehand portrayed earlier than the reveal — that it was another character of Sentry — was totally different from his remaining type, demonstrating additional inconsistencies.

6 Kang The Conqueror

Kang Dynasty arises in Marvel Comics.

Kang The Conqueror is certainly one of Marvel’s most mysterious villains attributable to his ever-changing timelines. The place Kang is perhaps present in historical past or the Multiverse is only a small factor of how the character continues to evolve. His skills change with the model of the time traveler.

From Rama-Tut to the Conqueror himself and even Iron Lad, the items displayed by the futuristic tyrant are massively influenced by the point interval Kang is from, the place he at present is, and the character of the variant. The Avengers are at all times stored on their toes, not realizing what new hazard their nemesis might produce.

5 Ruby Thursday

Ruby Thursday attacks Spider-Man in Marvel Comics.

Ruby Thursday is an unexplainable villain whose energy set relies on the pc in her head. With a pink globe that may produce any variety of weapons, the way in which her powers have been displayed has shifted all through the years. They began with easy constructs from the pink A.I.

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However in every story that Ruby Thursday seems in, one thing totally different is found about her energy set. This inconsistency is extra of a operating joke at this level, with Ruby capable of channel her capabilities in any manner that advantages the story. With so many variations of assault, Ruby Thursday actually needs to be extra profitable, including gas to the fireplace of her inconsistent performances.

4 M.O.D.O.Okay.

A sinister close-up of MODOK with clenched teeth.

M.O.D.O.Okay.’s temper can normally be decided by the powers he’s boasting at any given time. The laughable Marvel villain is obsessive about self-experimentation and the supposed evolution of the human physique and thoughts — if M.O.D.O.Okay. may even be classed as human anymore.

A.I.M.’s sources are a major concern relating to limiting what M.O.D.O.Okay. is ready to do. His deterioration within the face of defeat can also be an element to think about, with M.O.D.O.Okay.’s plans usually deserted after getting crushed by his nemeses. No matter improve he makes use of will not final lengthy; he’ll be again to the drafting board with yet one more inconsistent and underperforming idea quickly sufficient.

3 Demise

Thanos embracing the character, Death, in Marvel Comics.

Demise is a bodily type within the Marvel Universe and the apple of Thanos’ eye. However she has additionally been massively inconsistent in the way in which she has gone about her duties, shifting the lifeless from one airplane of existence to the following. Her skills are solely made extra sophisticated by different deities like Hela and Hades, who supposedly perform comparable roles.

It is by no means made fully clear what Demise can do, generally permitting characters to maneuver from one world to the following and at different occasions stopping the lifeless from ever respiratory once more. Demise is seemingly omnipotent, however she should certainly have limits to take care of a steadiness in all issues. These limits aren’t at all times on show when performing as a straight-up villain.

2 The Hood

The Hood using his powers in Marvel Comics.

The Hood’s powers do not come from Parker Robbins immediately. Whereas the character has developed some magical data, as a rule, his items could be sourced from mystical artifacts. Each time he loses these gadgets or makes use of up his sources, he’s de-powered once more.

The desperation within the prison is unending, as The Hood persistently chases additional methods to style that energy once more. He has gone to unbelievable lengths to search out these sources of supernatural vitality, however that, in flip, crafts much more erratic ends in the way in which his items manifest.

1 Loki

Female Loki in Marvel Comics.

Loki’s powers are actually depending on how they’re feeling. The character has just a few skills which have turn out to be well-known, from phantasm projections to conjuring. Nonetheless, in battle, Loki is inconsistent in how {powerful} they’re portrayed to be. That is as soon as once more depending on the story.

Generally Loki is handled like a god and much above the power of the typical hero. However the villain that pressured the meeting of the Avengers has additionally been crushed by just a few C-list characters, with their supposed Asgardian expertise and energy by no means displaying up for the combat.

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