2022 In Evaluation: Day 7

2022 In Review: Day 7

2022 In Evaluation

1. Intro + Finest Cd Art
2. Tune of the Year
3. Cd of the Year
4. R&B and also Heart
5. Rock and also Choice
6. Rap and also Hip-hop
7. Dancing and also Electronic
8. Pop and also Ballad (Jan. 21)
9. Individual and also Nation (Jan. 22)
10. Jazz and also Blues (Jan. 23)
11. Crossover and also Globe (Jan. 24)
12. Finest Collective Job (Jan. 25)
13. Newbie Musician of the Year (Jan. 26)
14. Musician of the Year (Jan. 27)
15. Various Other Acknowledgment (Jan. 28)
16. Ending Comments (Jan. 29)

The tale of the year in dancing songs was the surge of newbie woman teams, with the similarity Ive, NewJeans, Le Sserafim, CSR, Kep1er, Nmixx, and also extra not just overthrowing the idolizer community however likewise difficult incumbents in the more comprehensive scene. These teams are well-represented in today’s access, together with a solid plant of indie manufacturers covering environment, New Age, large beat, nightclub, and also extra. Our Finest Cd victor, specifically, should have unique debt for not also being classifiable.

Be encouraged that Taeyeon – INVU was called our Runner-Up Tune of the Year on Day 2, and also it will certainly not come back in the dance-specific listing of tracks listed below.


  • The “Following 10” and also respectable reference listings are arranged by musician name.
  • The 2022 Dancing and also Electronic Spotify playlist is right here as well as likewise ingrained listed below:

Finest Dancing and also Electronic Cd 2022

250 – 뽕 (Ppong)

It’s tough to visualize any kind of manufacturer having a far better year than 250 had in 2022: not just did he produced several chart-toppers as the manufacturer of NewJeans, however he likewise caught the interest of apparently every doubter area with a paradigm-shifting launching cd in Ppong. This is an abundant and also indulgent love letter to the background of Oriental dancing songs and also the origins that nurtured it, from the psychedelic groove of Shin Jung-hyun to the techno-trot of Epaksa (both of whom took part in this cd). Real to its name, Ppong attempts to boil down the dedicated, emotional enjoyment, underlying discomfort, and also alluring addictiveness of supposed “ppong-jjak” songs, and also to rebuild it in today’s terms. The tracks appear of this experiment are remarkable.

The ear-splitting brass synths of “Romance” in some way present the exact same time-weathered melancholia of trot songs in a hyper-modern veneer. “Offer Me”, “Royal Blue” and also “Ending” mix ballads and also slow-moving jams from years apart utilizing EDM-shaped bass and also whimpering synths as connective cells. “Bang Bus” crafts necessity out of a marginal techno beat and also some singing inserts, bringing Epaksa’s introducing job right into 2022. Each track is a research study. Ppong is an electrifying pay attention and also influential innovation of an underexplored heritage; with any kind of good luck this cd might be the begin of a brand-new category of Oriental digital songs.

The Runner-up

Kim Doeon – Damages

Paying Attention to Damages really feels comparable to reviewing a fairytale. It’s partially since the cd’s language is typically allegorical, however I assume the largest factor is that Kim Doeon’s soundscapes stimulate a type of marvelous respect. These make-ups are comprised of sounding arpeggios that seem unblemished and also prehistoric, welling up from ether and also ending as quickly as they have actually exposed their pureness; of ambient pads that still turn and also move kinetically, instead of resolving right into new-age; of screeching synths that murmur like birdsong. Aside from a couple of specifically peaceful exemptions, the whole play is acoustic overload. Stunning harmonies emerge from these transcendent active ingredients, and also you must truly take a seat to pay attention to this.

The Following 10

Billie – The Billage of Understanding: Phase 2

Chungha – Bare & Rare Pt. 1

FFRD – 폭력의 역사 (A Background of Physical Violence)

Gimeunbee – 몽상가들 (Completion of Personal Privacy)

Glen Examine – Bleach

Han Jung-in – Spells

Kirara – 4

Oh Heejung – Invite

Pierre Blanche – Vanity

Wona – Delighted Trippy Scary

Finest Dancing and also Electronic Tune 2022

Aespa – 도깨비불 (Impression)
Composed by Itor (Lalala Studios)
Made up and also set up by G’harah ‘PK’ Degeddingseze, Patricia Battani, Steve Octave

The method “Impression” came to be Aespa’s ideal track to day, and also among the all-time best in idolizer pop, was via small amounts. This beta solitary has significantly much less energy in it than title tracks did, and also the verses as necessary downsize those saving-the-world risks. Left undamaged were the crackling stress and also scheming self-confidence, the entire phase to themselves. So the sturdy lows and also populated off-beats sustain the track’s simmering enthusiasm, the participants’ double-tracked rapping lands icily however happily, and also the composing draws out the complete capacity of that stress. Look, I’m willing to say that finishing the “don’t be afraid, come right here” line with the seldom made use of “iri-on” was one of the most passionate lyrical choice of 2022. There’s a caring condescension to that beckoning, and also it transforms the feeling of the entire carolers. From the structure to these little touches, “Impression” was excellence.

The Runner-up

Kwon Eun-bi – Problem
Composed, made up and also set up by Tak, Corbin (Newtype)

The tottering, shape-shifting beat of “Problem” was a suitable tool offered the style of a perilous, unforeseeable partnership. As well as under that pretense the manufacturers likewise made use of components from sound EDM and also large beat remarkably freely, certainly finishing because nails outro that had me temporarily questioning if they truly simply dropped it that hard on a track that takes place television songs programs. It’s debt to Kwon Eun-bi that she doesn’t obtain removed in such an assertive plan: the previous IZ*ONE leader appears to slide easily over the beat’s stutters, dealing with a “absolutely unclear” storyteller with sophistication and also (by the end) a little steel. What a magnetic track.

The Following 10

Ateez – Cyberpunk

CSR – 첫사랑 (Pop? Pop!)

Ive – Love Dive

Kirara – Stargaze

Le Sserafim – Antifragile

NewJeans – Focus

Oh My Woman – Eden

Red Velour – Birthday Celebration

Saewoo in Yunhway – 시간역행 (Rewind)

Shirakami Woods – I Don’t Wanna Feeling Anything


Ab6ix – Gamble
Aespa – Ladies
Ateez – The Globe Ep.1: Activity
Baekho – Outright No
Billie – The Collective Heart and also Unconscious: Phase One
Chora Chorion – 태 (Te)
Dion Choi – Off the Ground
Donna – Fanciful Desire
Dori – Undersea
Dreamcatcher – [Apocalypse: Follow Us]
Drippin – Bad Guy: Completion
Jewelry – Love Gaze
(G)I-dle – I Never Ever Pass Away
Ladies’ Generation – For Life 1
Got7 – Got7
Hypnotherapy Treatment – Hypnotherapy Treatment
Trick – Fuel
Kuang Program – There Disappears Snow on the Tv
Kwon Eun-bi – Lethality
Loona – Flip That
MaddyXP – Epocalypse
My Q – Emo
NCT – Cosmos
NCT Fantasize – Problem Setting
Nayeon – Im Nayeon
NewJeans – New Pants
Oh My Woman – Genuine Love
Onew – Dice
Red Velour – The ReVe Event 2022 – Feeling My Rhythm
Scorched Evrth – Ja Wa
Seulgi – 28 Factors
Seventeen – Face the Sunlight
SoundSupply_Service – SCA1 (Side B)
StayC – Young-Luv.com
Two Times – In Between 1&2
2 Tone Forming – Every Min
Verivery – Collection ‘O’ Round 3: Entire
Viviz – Beam Of Light of Prism
Viviz – Summertime Ambiance
Voiid Alpha – The Opposite
Youha – Love You A Lot More,


250 – 뱅버스 (Bang Bus)
250 – 사랑이야기 (Romance)
250 – 주세요 (Offer Me)
Ab6ix – Sugarcoat
Acid Angel from Asia (Three-way S) – Measurement (AAA Ver.)
Aespa – Ladies
Apink – Red Carpeting
Astro – Sweet Sugar Pop
Ateez – New Globe
Ateez – WDIG (Where Do I Go)
Azin – 달 (Moon)
Baekho – Love Burn
Billie – GingaMingaYo (The Strange Globe)
Billie – Ring Ma Bell (What a Fantastic Globe)
Blackpink – Yeah Yeah Yeah
BoA – Forgive Me
Cherry Bullet – Love precede
Chora Chorion – 흑토 (Black Planet)
Chungha – Love Me Aloud
Chungha – Sparkling
Dion Choi – Runaway
Dreamcatcher – Fairy Tale
Dreamcatcher – Starlight
Dreamcatcher – Vision
Drippin – Silence
Jewelry – Jet’aime (Accomplishment. Kim Yeo-myung, Valo)
FFRD – No 관심 (No Focus)
Fifty Fifty – Lovin’ Me
Fromis_9 – Getaway Space
(G)I-dle – Gamine
Gimeunbee – 순응자 (The Conformist)
Ladies’ Generation – For Life 1
Ladies’ Generation – Seventeen
Ladies’ Generation – You Much Better Run
Glen Examine – Raving
Glen Examine – Runaway
Glen Examine – Transgressions
Glosow – Dealing With Time
Got7 – Don’t Care Regarding Me
Hajin – Take Me (Prod. Yegny & Yohankim)
Han Jung-in – Event
Han Jung-in – One 2nd Time Equipment (Prod. Piano Shoegazer)
Emphasize – 7 Marvels
Itzy – Free Autumn
Ive – Eleven
Simply B – Re=Lots
Kara – When I Relocate
Kard – Damage Down
Kep1er – Midtown
Kep1er – Mvsk
Kep1er – Up!
Trick – 가솔린 (Fuel)
Kim Doeon – Prophet (Accomplishment. Kim Han-joo)
Kim Doeon – 거울 (Mirror) (Accomplishment. eAeon)
Kim Doeon – 꿈 속의 춤 (Dance in a Desire) (Accomplishment. Minhwi Lee)
Kim Doeon – 요새 (Ft) (Accomplishment. So!YoON!)
Kim Yo-han – Self-indulgent
Kingdom – Impression
Kirara – 규탄 (Stricture)
Kirara – 폭발 (Surge)
Kwon Eun-bi – Simulation
Kwon Eun-bi – Undersea
Lightsum – Bye Bye Love
Spotlight – Eye to Eye
Loona – Flip That
Max Changmin – Evil One
Minseo – 내 맘대로 (#Self_Trip)
Moonbin & Sanha – That
My Q – The Doors
NCT Fantasize – Gallery
NCT Fantasize – 버퍼링 (Problem Setting)
NCT U – Cosmos (Allow’s Play Sphere)
Nayeon – Not A Problem (Accomplishment. Felix of Stray Children)
Nayeon – Pop!
NewJeans – Buzz Young Boy
Nine.I – Young Young Boy
Nmixx – 占 (Container)
OddSong – Right Here It Comes
OddSong – You Stated ‘Don’t Love Me’
Oh Heejung – UFO
Oh Heejung – 그래 잘가 (OK, See You)
Oh My Woman – Blink
Oh My Woman – Drip
Onew – Dice
OnlyOneOf – Skinz
Pierre Blanche – Beginning
Pierre Blanche – Vacuum (Accomplishment. Khan, Hyeyoung Oh)
Pierre Blanche – Infinitie Circle
Pixy – Bad Guy
Primit – White
Purple Coin – One-track Mind
Red Velour – Beg for Me
Red Velour – Feeling My Rhythm
Red Velour – Rainbow Halo
Rocket Strike – Chiquita
Saewoo in Yunhway – 점프러브 (Dive Love)
Scorched Evrth – Walking
Scorched Evrth – Naeng
Seulgi – 28 Factors
Seulgi – Dead Guy Runnin’
Seventeen – Don Quixote
Shaun – Roadway
Solar – 꿀 (Honey)
Tune Youngnam – Hey There I’m Having a Dinner on Saturday, Do You Intend to Come.
Tune Youngnam – Hey There? Hi?
StayC – Run2U
Summertime Cake – 사람들 앞에선 안돼 (Not in Public)
Sunmi – 열이올라요 (Heart Burn)
Surim – 불 (Woodland Fire)
Swimrabbit – Recover (Accomplishment. Jerd)
TO1 – 얼음 땡 (Freeze Tag)
Taeyeon – Alarm
The Boyz – Wonderful
Tri.be – Airborne (777)
Two Times – Gone
Two Times – Queen of Hearts
Uju – 내가 행복할 줄 알았나요 (Did You Assume I’d Enjoy?)
Verivery – O
Verivery – Rate
Victon – Chronograph
Viviz – Bop Bop
Viviz – Tweet Tweet
WJSN – Done
Victor – 10분 (10 Minutes)
Wona – Ingest the Upside-down
Woo!ah! – 별 따러 가자 (Capture destiny)
Yena – Mobile Phone
Yerin – Aria
Youha – 꽃비 (Blossom Rainfall)
Younite – 1 of 9

Verse translations by writer. Musician account and also cd cover photos from Insects Songs.

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