5th grader’s photo of plate from ‘Star Wars’ will be on the Internet

The fifth grader who won a license plate from “Star Wars” will receive an extra one for the Internet.

Alex Wooten, who is also the star of the show’s fifth season, received a plate from his favorite franchise, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” from the Warner Bros. Consumer Products division, a spokeswoman for the division told The Associated Press.

The plate will go on sale at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the Warner Web site.

Wooten said he plans to use the plate as a “special tribute” to his dad, a musician who died of cancer in 2013.

His father, the son of a Navy SEAL, was killed in action.

A fan tweeted that the plate had been sold out, and he’s hoping someone will take it and donate it to the Navy SEAL Foundation, which Wootan founded in 2012.

Wootin said he wants to make sure it’s used by someone who knows what he did and what he was doing, adding that he hopes the plate is used for good.