‘A little bit of the truth’ of Minnesota license plate, says former cop

The first-time license plate readers are still being tested and have been approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Minnesota Department of Transportation Director Dan McAdams said the new plates have been vetted and the data has been collected.

“This is not a new technology,” McAdams told NBC Minnesota.

But the first plates were approved by a legislative committee in February.

McAdams said he didn’t expect the plates to be so popular because it’s a state-issued license plate.

The department said it will be using the new licenses to help the department better identify and prevent crime.

Read more:The Minnesota Department has received over 1.2 million plates in the past year, and more than 70 percent of them have been given out, according to the department.

If you see a license plate that looks like a vehicle or has a license, please call the department at (952) 668-3858.

We appreciate your interest in Minnesota and look forward to your participation.


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