A ‘super-tough’ diamond plate steel could help save the world from climate change

A new type of diamond plate that has been used in cars, planes, boats and ships for more than 70 years has shown its mettle as a tough, tough material to use on steel plates.

In fact, scientists are hoping the new material can be used on steel that has undergone extreme stresses, such as from earthquakes.

“It’s not a tough material,” said Professor Simon Johnson, from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Earth Sciences.

“This is a super-toughened diamond plate.

It’s a very strong material that can be very durable.”

And that’s where it makes its biggest contribution to the design of steel.

“Professor Johnson said he had worked on a number of diamond plates before, but never used them in this way.”

We were very interested in whether it would work for steel plates,” he said.”

Our first design was a steel plate that had been hardened, then we thought we could do something different.

“He designed a diamond plate using steel plates as a core.”

The plates were made out of stainless steel.

So we could put stainless steel on top of it,” he explained.”

Then we added the diamond to it.

“He said he was amazed by how hard the plate could be.”

What you could do with it is basically make a diamond, and then you could just weld the plates together.

“The plate is made from a combination of carbon nanotubes, titanium oxide and carbon dioxide, and has a hardness of 10,000.”

In terms of a steel, the hardness is just a factor of 10 or 10, or maybe more,” Professor Johnson said.

The researchers have tested the diamond plate against other steel plates and found it to be extremely tough.”

So we’ve got to be really careful with the way we use it,” Professor Johnston said.

This new diamond plate is much stronger than previous ones.

It’s a tough plate that’s been used on a variety of things, including cars, boats, planes and ships.

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