Uncover 10 Smells That Cats Completely Hate

Discover 10 Smells That Cats Absolutely Hate

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Cats are fairly delicate to smells attributable to their extremely delicate noses. A cat’s extremely developed sense of odor makes them capable of detect many alternative smells which may not even be distinguishable to the common human.

You should use sure scents to repel cats away from areas that you simply don’t need them round, or you possibly can keep away from utilizing these scents in your house understanding that your cat doesn’t like them. In some circumstances, the odor will be dangerous on your cat, which is true for numerous important oils that you simply may generally use across the residence.

Whereas sure scents is likely to be liked by your cat, this text will talk about the smells that cats hate, and why.

How Good Is A Cats Sense of Scent?

Cats have a superb sense of odor, extra so than sure canine breeds and people. Which means cats can distinguish smells way more precisely than canine and people, with round 200 to 300 million odor receptors situated of their nasal passages. This is similar as some canine breeds and far more than people who’ve a median of 5 to six million odor receptors. A cat’s heightened sense of odor permits them to navigate the world other than simply utilizing its eyesight and glorious listening to.

Cats have 200-300 million odor receptors within the nasal passage.

©iStock.com/Pijarn Jangsawang

The Vomeronasal Organ

Cats depend on their sense of odor from the second they’re born as they use it to find their mom, siblings, and any potential hazard. Nonetheless, cats don’t solely depend on their nostril for smells, however a vomeronasal organ too.

This organ will be discovered between your cat’s palate and its nostrils. This explains why your cat could open their nostril barely when smelling one thing. The vomeronasal organ permits your cat to research completely different smells, and the ducts result in your cat’s nostril and mouth. With this organ, your cat can virtually “style” what they’re smelling. It’s a part of their olfactory methods and performs an necessary function in how effectively your cat perceives completely different smells.

What Do Cats Want A Sturdy Sense of Scent for?

Apart from their sense of odor being important for his or her survival as a species earlier than domestication, cats depend on their glorious sense of odor for the next causes:

  • To assemble details about different cats via scent
  • Find meals, water, mates, and potential predators
  • Communication functions
  • Navigate their atmosphere
  • Detect different cats’ territories

Smells That Cats Hate

Your cat’s favourite odor is likely to be a recent tin of their meals being opened. There are a number of smells that cats hate. These smells can have a repelling impact on cats, whereas others will be dangerous to your cat to inhale.

1. Citrus

Dekopon orange
The odor of citrus is disagreeable to cats. This contains oranges, limes, and lemons.

©MERCURY studio/Shutterstock.com

The citrusy odor of lemons, limes, and oranges is usually related to freshness and application. Nonetheless, for a cat, it’s fairly disagreeable. Most cats are postpone by robust citrus scents, particularly from the peels of the fruit and fragrances. It isn’t solely the precise fruit that cats don’t wish to odor however the synthetic odor of artificial citrus fragrances too.

This may be out of your washing powder, a candle, an air freshening spray, and even your lotions. The odor of citrus will be fairly overwhelming to your cat’s nostril; subsequently, they don’t appear to love it.

2. Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia
Lavender is usually related to calmness, however for cats, it’s removed from a relaxing scent.


The calming scent of lavender makes it a preferred perfume for a lot of issues, together with some on a regular basis gadgets you may use across the residence. Whereas the odor of lavender is likely to be stress-free and nice for you, it most likely shouldn’t be evoking the identical feeling in your cat.

Cats appear to hate the odor of lavender because the robust scent will be an excessive amount of for them. Lavender vegetation can be used as a pure repellent in your backyard for cats. Most cats received’t need to spend an excessive amount of time in an space the place the odor of lavender is overwhelming.

3. Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus plant can really make a cat really feel worse and extra burdened.

©iStock.com/Marina Denisenko

Eucalyptus is usually used for aromatherapy as a necessary oil. The herb itself is often used as a house treatment for colds and flu. Sadly, smells that cats hate embody eucalyptus. The concentrated odor of eucalyptus important oils is powerful sufficient to trigger irritation to your cat’s nasal passages, and even make their eyes really feel like they’re burning.

You must also by no means use eucalyptus oil to appease a respiratory an infection your cat could have or to try to open their airways. In truth, doing so can have the alternative impact and make your cat really feel worse and extra burdened.

The eucalyptus plant itself can be utilized as a deterrent for cats since they don’t just like the pungent herbs odor. Nonetheless, many important oils are poisonous to cats via inhalation and ingestion. Due to this fact, take warning when utilizing these oils round cats.

4. Banana

The style and odor of bananas are a deterrent to cats.

©Yuri Dondish/Shutterstock.com

Each the style and odor of this yellow fruit are insufferable for a lot of cats. They’ll avoid bananas and are unlikely to willingly eat this fruit if it was disregarded. Any cat treats or meals which have a powerful banana odor and style aren’t very interesting to your cat. You may discover that they received’t eat them. Banana peels may go as a repellent, though it’s most likely not potent sufficient to repel many cats.

5. Chili Powder

paprika spice closeup
Chili powder can irritate cats’ noses and eyes and may result in a cat feeling burdened.


The spicy aroma of chili powder is hated by cats because it irritates their nostril and eyes. In case your cat inhales or licks chili powder, it will probably trigger an disagreeable burning sensation, making your cat really feel extremely burdened. It is for that reason that inserting chili powder round the home to repel cats isn’t a good suggestion since it will probably hurt them.

Most cats who’ve burning mouths and nasal passages received’t get fast reduction from ingesting water or letting the burn move as people can. The odor also can make your cat sneeze, and robust chili powders may cause a burning sensation in your cat’s eyes.

6. Ammonia

cat next to litter box looking up at camera
Cat urine incorporates ammonia, subsequently, making a litter field a spot of concentrated ammonia odor that cats don’t like.

©New Africa/Shutterstock.com

As naturally hygienic animals, cats don’t get pleasure from doing their enterprise in a unclean litterbox. Their urine incorporates concentrations of ammonia, and a build-up of the ammonia odor is sufficient to deter most cats. Ammonia can be discovered in lots of family cleansing merchandise, similar to window or drain cleaners.

The cruel odor of ammonia is kind of potent, and by no means good for cats to inhale. The odor also can irritate their respiratory methods and eyes. In case your cat inhales a concentrated quantity of ammonia for a chronic time, it could start to really feel dizzy and sick. This makes ammonia a poor selection and a harmful odor to make use of if you wish to repel cats.

7. Vinegar

Vinegar being poured from a bottle into a glass bowl
The odor of vinegar could also be dangerous to cats by making them really feel a burning sensation of their nostril upon inhaling it.

©iStock.com/Michelle Lee Pictures

Add vinegar to the checklist of smells cats hate. Vinegar is a superb odor neutralizer that you simply may use to neutralize and clear cat pee odors or your cat’s litterbox. Nonetheless, concentrated vinegar options odor nasty to cats. That is very true for crimson or white spirit vinegar.

Vinegar itself could make your cat really feel like their nostril is burning with every inhale. Though, the odor is tolerable when diluted in water and used for cleansing. If there’s a vinegar residue after utilizing a vinegar resolution, it’d even repel your cat. You should use vinegar and water in a sprig bottle to repel cats from sure furnishings gadgets. Nonetheless, by no means spray it instantly at them.

8. Mothballs

Mothballs have been acknowledged as unsafe for cats as a result of hazardous components present in them.


Utilizing mothballs to repel cats from basements, attics, and sure elements of a home is an outdated methodology. Though mothballs labored as a very good repellent for many cats, it’s not good for cats to odor mothballs. It’s because mothballs are comprised of chemical-based components that is likely to be dangerous to cats.

This contains naphthalene, paradichlorobenzene, or the extra fashionable ingredient – transfluthrin. A few of these components have been famous for his or her possible carcinogenic properties, making them unsafe to maintain round cats. This makes mothballs a poor selection as a cat repellent, even when it has labored effectively previously.

The robust odor shouldn’t be fascinating for cats to odor, and it’s most likely the primary motive it repels most cats.

9. Espresso Grounds

Coffee grounds
Espresso grounds don’t odor as scrumptious to cats as they do to people.

©iStock.com/Michelle Lee Pictures

Whereas espresso is likely to be a nice odor for you and one thing you get pleasure from every day, it’s seemingly that your cat doesn’t really feel the identical. Most coffee-related smells are hated by cats, and robust smells of espresso grounds have a repelling impact. Nonetheless, cats ought to by no means have the chance to ingest espresso because it incorporates two substances which can be poisonous to cats – caffeine and theobromine.

The robust odor of espresso grounds is sure to repel cats, nevertheless it ought to be used with the cat’s security in thoughts. This implies making certain that your cat doesn’t ingest any of the espresso grounds or utilizing a safer repelling various as a substitute.

10. Pine or Cedar

Full frame closeup of six cedar 2x4 planks stacked in two columns, three high, though a bit askew, at a slight angle, relative to the camera, with the back of the stacks being a little more to the frame right than the front. Against white isolate.
Woody aromas like pine and cedar are doubtlessly irritating to cats’ noses.

©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock.com

The checklist of smells cats hate contains the woody aromas given off by pine and cedar are usually not loved by cats and are doubtlessly irritating to their nostril. Pine is often related to extra masculine scents in candles and toiletries, and it most likely doesn’t odor pretty much as good to your cat because it does to you. There are additionally rodent substrates which can be comprised of pine and cedar wooden, which have a powerful odor usually disliked by cats due to their efficiency.

For those who plan to make use of pine and cedar substrates of their litterbox, you may assume twice. Not solely do cats appear to hate the odor of those woods, however they’re additionally fairly dusty and include poisonous phenols which can be dangerous on your cat to inhale.

Nonetheless, the kiln-dried varieties is likely to be safer if there are not any different dangerous components. Most cats will keep away from the odor of pine or cedar woods, so preserve this in thoughts in the event you plan to make use of it of their litterboxes.

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