FourFour Two: Virginia license plate reader

FourFour2’s Sam Brannan looks at the license plate readers installed in Virginia, including the “V” for Virginia license plates.

A new Virginia license reader system was rolled out this week to better track vehicle movements and identify stolen vehicles.

The new system is a key component in Virginia Gov.

Ralph Northam’s push to curb car theft.

This license plate read-and-go system, known as the “VTOL,” is similar to the technology found in New York City’s “Spotless” and Boston’s “Smart Card.”

VTOL is the name of a technology that was developed to track vehicle movement and identify cars that have been lost or stolen.

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles officials said VTOL is designed to improve the state’s ability to track vehicles on the road, and the VTOL program will include license plate reading as part of its technology.

The program was announced Wednesday as part to the state budget.

It was a major expansion of the state system, which was initially expected to be completed in 2021.

VTILes will be installed in new vehicles from 2017 through 2026, and a total of 100,000 license plates will be scanned per year, officials said.

The VTOL system is expected to cost $100 million to install and $50 million to operate.

The state hopes to eventually expand the system to include more vehicles and more people.VTOL, which can be downloaded on a smartphone app, is designed specifically for vehicles and vehicles that are used in public places.

It’s also designed to work with the state of New York, which also uses VTOL.VTILs work in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Transportation’s Traffic Safety Program, which is the state agency tasked with enforcing the state vehicle code.VTil is a joint venture between the VTIL and VTOL, with the goal of making the system more efficient, the state said.VTILL, which began operation in April 2016, will replace the license plates currently on Virginia plates.

The system is available in five different models.

VTIL models that have already been installed are the following:VTIL-1: VTILL-1 license plate scanner, $199.95VTIL2: VTILL-2 license plate scan, $299.95 VTIL3:  VTILL license plate search, $349.95In addition to VTILs, the Virginia Department of Police is also working with other agencies to install VTIL scanners in other locations.

The new VTIL systems will be used to help monitor vehicles and vehicle movements in Virginia.

The system will also help the DMV identify stolen or lost vehicles.

VTILL will work with state police and local law enforcement to make sure the VTILL system is effective.

Virginia license plate scanners will be located at license plate offices, police stations, and at DMV offices.


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