Fun license plates in the Australian Outback: The funny license plates

In many parts of Australia, people are still using their licence plates as a vehicle identification number, a form of personal identification that can be used to prove ownership and access to a vehicle.

However, it seems the country has seen a surge in the number of people using these licence plates for a variety of different purposes, with a report by ABC News looking at the number and variety of license plate variations in different parts of the country.

The report also found that some licence plate combinations are used to show where a person is from, which is the same information as their driver’s licence number.

The ABC’s ABC News blog has compiled a list of the most popular licence plate variations from around the country, which include:A special ‘F’ plate is used to mark a person’s home address, while a ‘A’ plate gives people access to their address.

These are some of the best known licence plate types, with many of the variations in Australia using different letters, numbers and numbers.

However there are a number of other combinations in the country as well, such as ‘B’ and ‘C’, which can also be used as a symbol for ‘home’, or to signify the number in a family name.

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