Governor: Rogue plates have been found in NJ, New York and Connecticut

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday said he’s confident the plates found in New Jersey and New York are legitimate.

Cuomo said the plates were found by a New York state trooper who was responding to a call about a man who had stolen the plates from a gas station.

The governor said he was not sure why the plates had not been turned over to authorities earlier, but he had confidence the plates belong to someone who is a licensed plate dealer in New York, which the governor said is required under New York law.

Cuomio said the governor had received a tip from a New Jersey resident about the plates and had sent a message to the police department to report the plates to the governor’s office.

Cuomi’s office said that in the last two weeks, the governor has received more than 20 calls from people who believe the plates are theirs, though none have been verified.

Cuoma told CNN’s “New Day” the governor did not want the plates identified by name.

He said he is looking into whether there is more to the story.

Cuome said he would have preferred to see the plates turned over more quickly, but the state attorney general’s office has said it will look into the matter.

Cuomes office said Thursday that it has no record of the governor contacting the attorney general about the matter, and the governor, a Democrat, has not spoken publicly about the incident since it broke last week.

Cuominos office did not respond to a request for comment from CNN.

Cuomas spokesman Mark Reinschke said he did not know why the governor wanted to know about the license plates.

Cuomalys office said in a statement that it will conduct an investigation to determine what led to the discovery of the plates, which are believed to be the same plates found on a car in New Hampshire.

Cuoms office said the license plate in New Haven was a valid New York plate that was not issued to anyone else in New England, and that the New Jersey plates are believed by authorities to have been acquired in the New York City area.

Cuamos office said it has been in contact with the attorney generals office, the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles and the Connecticut Bureau of Motor Vehicle Safety and Accidents.

The attorney general in Connecticut told CNN that the plates have never been in New Hartford, where the governor lives.

Cuamas office did say in a release that the agency is looking to trace the plates back to their originator and ask for the license to be renewed.

Cuams office did state that it had received reports that license plates are being sold on the black market.

Cuama’s office did add that it is working to establish whether the plates belonged to someone in New Mexico, where license plates in New Orleans and Baton Rouge are being bought on the dark web.

Cuameres office said license plates from New York were stolen in 2016, but that there is no record that any license plates have ever been recovered.

Cuameros office says the plates recovered from New Jersey have not been recovered and will not be returned.

Cuames office did tell CNN that license plate owners in New Zealand have reported that they have received two stolen license plates and that license-plate thieves in New South Wales have also received plates that were found.

Cuomenas office did also tell CNN it is aware of reports that New York plates have recently been sold on dark web markets and has been investigating those reports.

Cuommos office also said it is investigating reports that thieves have obtained license plates, as well as reports that some license plates were stolen last year in Washington state and in Colorado.

Cuaso’s office told CNN it has contacted the New Yorker State Police, the FBI, New Hampshire’s attorney general, the Connecticut State Police and the New Orleans Police Department.

Cuos office was also looking into reports that the license-plates from New Mexico were stolen, but said it was unaware of any reports that were made public.

Cuocamys office told New York that it plans to notify law enforcement of the theft of New York license plates on Monday.

Cuiceros office told NBC that it was aware of the incident and is working with the New Mexico State Police to determine the source of the stolen plates.


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