How a light switch plate can turn into a solar panel

As solar panels start to appear in homes and offices across the country, a new generation of companies is taking advantage of the technology to turn light switches into solar panels.

The concept was originally devised by a Canadian firm called Sunpower, and it uses a special type of plate to turn a light on or off.

The plates have to be removed from a wall outlet, and they have to slide into place with a screwdriver, but there are a variety of other ways to accomplish the job.

Sunpower has created a variety and different ways of turning a light bulb on or on, including the standard way of replacing the switch plate, and using the new technology to charge a battery.

The company says that its plates are easy to clean, and are capable of powering lights from as far away as five miles away.

“This is a really simple idea and really easy to implement, so the challenge for us has been in getting the right people and the right processes going to actually do this,” said Sunpower CEO Joe Gebbia.

“We can do it in the most cost-effective way.”

Sunpower has used a process called electrolysis to manufacture its plates.

This process uses chemicals to dissolve the plates in a solvent that removes them from the wall outlet.

The solvent then allows the chemicals to form a thin film that covers the plate, so it can be removed in a matter of minutes.

The company claims that its new plates can be installed in under an hour.

“It’s about the same time it takes to make a standard light switch, which is about four hours,” Gebbi said.

“The technology is very, very fast.”

The company also makes custom plate options for companies that are willing to pay for an additional process, like the way it does the electrolysis.

It’s also using the technology in some of its own projects, and will soon begin making the plates available to businesses in the US.

“You can have a solar system that uses only one plate and it’s all from a single supplier, but when you need a system that can be connected from a distance, then you need to make the connection from a different source,” said Gebbie.

“That’s really, really difficult.”

To learn more about how Sunpower can help companies install solar panels, we reached out to the company to ask about the process.

We’re not able to share any information with you, but we will update this story when we get a response.

The process of creating a solar plate, which uses chemicals that dissolve the plate in a liquid solvent, was invented by Sunpower in 2010.

SunPower says the process can be done in under two minutes.


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