How the ‘Rogue’ Walmart Bumper Plates Have Become a Powerful Symbol of the Retail Industry

The word “rogue” is one of the most common terms used to describe Walmart and other major retailers.

But the word is also a brand that Walmart uses.

It’s a tag that signifies not just an attitude, but a product.

The Rogue bumper plates are a sign of that attitude, as they’re designed by a Florida company called the Graffiti Design Group.

Graffiti Designs specializes in bumper plates for Walmarts and other large retailers, but its most well-known product is the Grappler bumper plates, which it uses to promote its stores.

The company has also become a key player in the industry, helping others to launch successful bumper plates.

The company has created bumper plates that were designed for the likes of Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart Supercenter.

Grapplers are used to clear parking lots and parking garages.

Grafflers are also used by the military to mark sensitive places and buildings.

But now, Grapple is taking a different tack with its bumper plates: the logo.

Its logo is meant to communicate a different message than the Graffler.

It has a “G” on it that signifies “go.”

The “R” signifies “rope.”

“Grapplers have been used by military to indicate secure locations, and they’re used to mark sites with military installations, for instance,” said Grappling designer Matt Zegers.

“We want to do something different with it.”

Grapples are meant to be worn in lieu of a Grapplizer, a tool used to secure cargo on trucks, which are typically used by larger retailers.

“You could see the use of the Grappa logo on some of the smaller brands of Grapplediers, like a ‘G’ is an indication of go, so you could say, ‘I need a Grappa.’

It’s a little more personal to us, but it’s still the same message,” Zegars said.

For the Grapsler logo, Zeggers and his team decided to make a tag with a word that would stand out.

“Graffiti Design has a really cool logo, and it was actually based on a famous piece of graffiti art, so it was a fun challenge to make it unique,” he said.

The Grappr sticker will be used on the plates for a limited time, with the tag launching at Walmart stores and other retailers in November.

“We’re trying to do a brand identity that speaks to our brand,” ZEGERS said.

“I want to give it something unique to give that identity, so I made it really easy to read.”

The sticker will come in a variety of colors, and will be placed on the front of each bumper plate.


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