How to apply for a new Alabama license plate

A gold plated plate with the phrase “ALABAMA” emblazoned on it is set to become legal in Alabama on Wednesday.

The plates are intended for vehicles owned by people with a license plate number assigned to their name and number, such as a driver’s license or a plate on a vehicle registration.

A new plate will cost $25 and will be available for a limited time only through April 7.

The plate is a response to the state’s recent crackdown on vanity plates, which have caused a national outcry.

Alabama’s new vanity plate law, which was approved in 2015, requires license plate numbers to be assigned to a person’s name and that they must be plated with the letter “A.”

Critics of the law say it discriminates against non-white drivers and disproportionately affects minority drivers.

The new plates, however, will only be issued to non-whites.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has received 1,700 applications for the new plates.

The department says it will review all of them and decide whether to issue them.

The department’s new plate program is the first of its kind in the country, and is the result of a $1.8 million federal grant.