How to Choose Your Gold Nameplate for 2018

The 2017 season was the first time since 2010 that a gold nameplate was worn by the Milwaukee Brewers.

The team won its first World Series in 20 years and, along with the National League Championship Series, clinched a spot in the National Football League Championship.

Milwaukee Brewers President Doug Melvin has made it a priority to add gold to the team’s identity since the team moved to town from Kansas City, Missouri, in 2021.

The Brewers had worn gold plates since 1970 and now have three gold-themed names.

The franchise’s gold-colored uniforms also include gold trim on their jackets, caps and pants.

The team has worn gold in the last two seasons for the first and second time this year.

Brewers gold-skinned jerseys were unveiled at the team-owned Miller Outdoor Amphitheatre in Milwaukee on Aug. 25, a day before the World Series began.

The jersey featured gold trim and the name “MMA.”

The Milwaukee Bucks’ gold-branded jersey will feature the team name in gold across the chest, on the shoulders and the sleeves.

Gold plates will also be on the chest and shoulders.

The jerseys will be available at a price of $125, which includes a Milwaukee Bucks game ticket.

Gold will be added to the Bucks’ uniform next season, when the team will introduce gold-studded alternate jerseys.