How to get a plate that will let you travel in the Europes top cop’s new car

Plato academy students have learned how to use their new plated license plates to get around in the police car, according to the academy’s blog.

The academy’s new plates, called Plato, are supposed to let officers “go wherever they want” and “make contact wherever they feel comfortable.”

The plates, which are silver and gold, are currently being offered for sale for $3,900, with a plate price of $1,200.

The academy, in a statement, said it’s offering the plates “as an offer to the public, in an effort to get more people to be inspired to get Plato plates and use them to show the world that they have the potential to make a difference.”

The plates are currently available for purchase on the academy website and on the Academy’s Facebook page.

According to the Academy, the plates allow officers to “drive on the right side of the road without any fear of being stopped, questioned or arrested.”

“We think it’s very important that people have the freedom to express themselves,” Academy President David Leipold told Mashable in an email.

“If they feel that their safety is in danger and feel they are being unjustly stopped, they can use Plato to show them that they are not alone in this.”

“If they want to, they could purchase a Plato license plate and wear it as a badge to their local police department,” Leipolds added.


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