How to get a State license plate

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, people across the country have been searching for a new way to celebrate the holiday.

New York, California, Texas and Maryland are among the states considering the issue.

Here’s how to get one of these plates.

What are the requirements for getting a State State license plates?

You must apply for a license plate by visiting a local DMV office.

The applicant must present a government-issued ID card or other document verifying their identity, and the applicant must have an annual income of at least $125,000.

(There is no minimum income requirement.)

If the applicant is a business, it must provide proof of state tax-exempt status and a letter from the commissioner’s office certifying that it has complied with the rules governing the issuance of plates.

If the State has a lottery, it may issue up to 25 plates per person, with a maximum of 50 for individuals and corporations.

The cost to obtain a State plates is $100.

The application fee is $20.

You may apply for one by visiting any of the three DMV offices listed above.

You may also fax or mail the application.

The first year of plates is free, and you can renew by visiting the DMV’s website for information about renewing.

A State licenseplate will cost $75.


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