How to get Kentucky license plate 96 well

Well plate 96 wells are now a part of Kentucky’s license plate program.

Well plates are part of the state’s license plates program, and Kentucky officials have been working on the design for months.

The state’s Department of Motor Vehicles is currently developing a license plate that will include the words “well plate,” but not the word “license.”

That’s because many license plates in Kentucky don’t use the word license on them.

It’s up to the driver to add the word.

For example, a Kentucky license plates is currently written with the word LICENSE on it.

The state has no intention of changing that.

The design of the new license plate is in the hands of the Kentucky Department of Transportation, and they’re hoping to have it ready for the July 1 start of the licensing process.

“We want to make sure that we can put that new design out on the road as quickly as possible,” said DVM spokeswoman Lauren Brown.

The department says the design will also be able to be printed out to have people who don’t own a vehicle to sign their name.

There are some issues with the design, however.

The State House is expected to vote on the proposed design next week.


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