How to get your Pennsylvania license plate changed after the floods

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced Thursday that a number of license plate changes had already been approved and approved for approval.

The change to the Pennsylvania license plates is part of a program that aims to provide assistance to residents who lost their vehicle to flood damage.

The program is called “Pennsylvania Plate Change Assistance” and was approved by the state last month.

The program is designed to assist individuals and businesses who need to change their Pennsylvania license number or plate number for various reasons, such as to make it easier to locate a car, to register an accident, or to apply for a refund.

The Department of Public Safety will also be offering free license plate stickers to those who request them.

The department says it will not accept applications for the free stickers.

The department says that it will distribute free plates to residents at a rate of one free plate per household.

The plates will be delivered to the address of the registered owner.

The Department of Revenue will also offer free Pennsylvania plates to anyone who files an application for a new plate within 30 days of the date of the application.

The Pennsylvania State Police has also approved the program and is providing free plates.


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