How to get your Smart Plate without spending $3,000 – ESPN Crikey

Smart plates are on the horizon for the UK, and now there’s an app that lets you order your own without spending a fortune.

Dubbed Smart Plate, the app is already available on Apple’s iOS and Android and lets users buy smart plates for around £3,500, which are made by two of the world’s biggest manufacturers, Smarttec and Dentsu.

It also lets users set up a payment plan for up to 10 SmartPlates.

The smart plate system will be rolled out across the UK this summer, with the app also launching in the Netherlands and Germany.

But to be able to get smart plates on sale, you’ll need to buy them at a specific store, which is likely to be in a big city.

Smart Plate is part of a new wave of smartphone-centric food retailers that include such retailers as Foodpanda and M&Ms, which have been heavily involved in the digital food revolution.

Smart plate retailers are already popular in the UK and many are hoping that their technology will be able a similar boost in the country, with retailers seeing an increase in sales.

A number of major food retailers have already started to take part in the Smart Plate wave.

The British retailer Lidl launched a Smart Plate in October last year and the brand has already been successful in Australia, the US and China.

As well as Smart Plates, other retailers like Lidls, Bally, Boots and Morrisons have been expanding their offerings.


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