How to make a plat map of California

California has a license plate map, a way to easily share your personalized license plate with friends, family and the public.

If you are looking to make your own personalized plate, or you want to know how to do it yourself, this article will give you everything you need to know.


The license plate is divided into three categories: 1.

Blue and red plates: these are the most common.

They are used for local law enforcement, emergency vehicles and even for personal license plates.


Orange plates: These are used to identify vehicles in other states, but are not required for California.


Green plates: are used by the California Department of Motor Vehicles for special, non-emergency use.


You can buy your personalized plate online or at a California DMV office.


You need to provide the proper paperwork and proof of your address and vehicle identification number.


You will also need to apply for a personalized plate by completing an online application.


You must also pay $30 to get your plate.


California DMV has a list of approved vendors that can make personalized plates for you.


You are limited to two plates per vehicle per day.


Plates must be displayed on a white background and no other color.


You may only get a personalized license plates if you have the correct plates and documentation, but if you are traveling to another state, you can get a plate that has the proper color, a name, and a photo of your vehicle, for example.

3 Types of Plates in California License plates are divided into five types: Blue and Red: These plates are used locally and are usually issued to drivers of vehicles with a license.

Orange and Green: These licenses are used statewide, but you may get them from other states.

Green and Blue: These license plates are not issued statewide.

Red and Orange: These were issued to law enforcement officers and emergency vehicles.

Green is the most popular type.

It is reserved for vehicles of the law.

Red plates are issued to those who are temporarily on the road, like emergency personnel or police officers.

Green licenses are issued by the DMV.

3 Plates Types of License Plates California License Plots: Blue Red Green Green Red Yellow Red Yellow Green Blue Green Red Green Yellow Blue Red Red Yellow Yellow Green Red Red Green Blue Blue Green Blue Red Blue Red Yellow Blue Green Yellow Green Yellow Red Red Blue Green Orange Blue Green Green Orange Red Red Orange Blue Orange Blue Red Orange Orange Blue Blue Orange Red Orange Red Blue Blue Red Purple Orange Blue Purple Blue Orange Orange Orange Red Purple Blue Purple Orange Red Green Orange Orange Yellow Orange Orange Purple Blue Blue Blue Purple Green Orange Green Orange Purple Orange Orange Green Green Green Purple Blue Red Gold Green Orange Yellow Purple Orange Yellow Red Blue Purple Yellow Green Green Blue Purple Red Orange Yellow Blue Orange Yellow Green Orange Black Blue Red Brown Orange Green Blue Yellow Yellow Red Orange Purple Green Yellow Yellow Blue Blue Yellow Green Purple Red Red Red Purple Red Green Purple Yellow Blue Purple Purple Red Blue Orange Green Yellow Orange Green Red Orange Green Purple Orange Green Gold Green Yellow Purple Red Yellow Orange Yellow Yellow Orange Blue Yellow Orange Red Yellow Purple Blue Yellow Blue Yellow Red Green Red Purple Purple Yellow Purple Purple Purple Blue Green Purple Purple Orange Purple Yellow Orange Purple Red Purple Green Blue Orange Purple Purple Green Red Blue Yellow Purple Yellow Red Purple Black Blue Purple Brown Green Yellow Gold Blue Orange Brown Purple Green Green Yellow Black Green Blue Black Green Green Black Blue Blue Gold Blue Purple Gold Green Blue Gold Green Red Brown Purple Blue Black Orange Blue Brown Red Red Brown Gold Gold Green Purple Brown Blue Gold Red Red Gold Gold Gold Orange Green Black Orange Red Gold Yellow Red Brown Blue Green Brown Red Brown Green Blue Brown Green Green Brown Green Red Black Gold Red Gold Blue Blue Brown Blue Red Black Green Gold Red Purple Yellow Gold Green Green Gold Blue Yellow Gold Gold Blue Red Golden Blue Purple Black Green Red Gold Golden Brown Purple Gold Blue Gold Golden Purple Green Golden Yellow Green Gold Gold Golden Green Blue Golden Green Green Golden Purple Purple Golden Orange Gold Blue Green Golden Gold Green Gold Golden Red Orange Gold Gold Brown Orange Golden Green Golden Blue Golden Red Golden Green Purple Golden Gold Blue Golden Purple Gold Gold Yellow Green Golden Red Green Golden Orange Orange Gold Green Golden Brown Brown Green Brown Orange Gold Golden Blue Orange Golden Purple Golden Purple Brown Gold Golden Yellow Gold Yellow Blue Gold Yellow Orange Gold Yellow Purple Gold Yellow Brown Gold Green Black Golden Green Gold Brown Green Golden Green Brown Brown Golden Red Brown Golden Gold Gold Black Brown Golden Green Yellow Golden Orange Brown Golden Orange Green Golden Silver Brown Golden Brown Green Gold Purple Brown Golden Purple Blue Gold Gold Purple Gold Golden Orange Golden Orange Red Brown Black Golden Red Gold Brown Brown Orange Orange Brown Brown Brown Gold Brown Golden Golden Brown Golden Blue Gold Purple Purple Gold Purple Blue Golden Orange Yellow Gold Orange Gold Orange Golden Brown Gold Orange Orange Golden Blue Green Gold Orange Brown Orange Yellow Golden Brown Orange Red Golden Brown Black Green Golden Golden Purple Orange Gold Purple Golden Brown Yellow Gold Brown


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