How to use the new McDonald’s app to help pay your college tuition

McDonald’s has introduced an app for paying for college, but it’s not without a bit of a learning curve.

The app is called McDonalds Paycheck and it lets you quickly set up a recurring payment plan for paying off tuition and other college expenses.

It is free and will only work for students at the University of California, Berkeley, according to the company.

To use the app, just select your state from the menu and then choose Paycheck from the drop-down menu.

This will take you to a page that lets you set up the payment plan.

You can then tap on the ‘Pay’ button to start a payment.

Once you’ve paid off your tuition, the app will ask you to log in and set up your payment plan by filling out a simple form.

There are two payment options: an annual fee of $35 and a $2 monthly fee of between $60 and $70.

The annual fee will be applied to the first $35 of each payment, which is $1.85 a month.

The monthly fee will start at $2.30 and go up by $1 a month, depending on the amount of time you’ve had with the app.

Paycheck can also set up payments on other financial institutions, such as Wells Fargo, Chase and American Express.

It can also send payments to friends and family, so you can pay for college online without relying on a credit card.

The payment system works best for students with financial need, though, so if you have a family member or friend who’s on financial aid, it’s worth taking a look at it.

McDonalds Paypay is available now for $1, and you can check it out for free in the App Store.


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