How Walmart can use the hottest license plate in the world to boost sales

The world’s hottest plate is a new hot plate that Walmart will roll out in India, the company announced on Thursday.

The plates are called hot plates and the company has used the plates to help increase sales of its merchandise.

“Our new hot plates are more durable, have a wider variety of colors and can be personalized to your taste and taste preferences,” Walmart India Chief Executive Officer Prakash Sharma told reporters.

“We think they will be an important tool for our Indian customers to get the best value for their money.”

The hot plates have been available in the Walmart store in India since last year.

The company also said it would be making it easier for Indian customers who have an ID card to buy the plates online, and that the plates could also be used in grocery stores.

“Indian customers can now choose from one of four hot plates, which can be used to make up to a five-person group or to create personalized plates for groups of up to five people,” Sharma said.

The hot plate comes in five sizes: a standard plate, a medium, a large and a large group.

It is also made of durable plastic and will last for at least four years.

Walmart sells the plates in stores in India.


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