Jedi Survivor Forest Array Information and All Collectibles Places

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide and All Collectibles Locations

This Star Wars Jedi Survivor information will stroll you thru the Forest Array on Koboh. Comply with it carefully to simply undergo the a number of puzzles and decide up all out there Collectibles on the way in which to the Tower!

The right way to get to the Forest Array

This phase is a bit quick as I count on most of you might be right here on the lookout for assist with the precise puzzles, not the trail to the Forest Array Meditation Level.

To make it to the Forest Array, you’ll must traverse by the Basalt Rift previous the big gate in Swindler’s Wash. Because the Basalt rift, comply with the left path past the Meditation Level and thru a small arch.

There will probably be a log you may stroll throughout the place you’ll must Pressure Pull one other log to leap to the opposite facet. Defeat the stormtroopers and descend in direction of a sleeping bilemaw.

You possibly can defeat the bilemaw to carry out the following job safely or simply ignore the bilemaw should you’re quick sufficient and proceed with the next steps.

There’s a basalt pillar lined in vines that was to the best of the sleeping bilemaw. Pressure Pull it to have it jut out and climb on prime of it. Go to the tip and Pressure Pull one other basalt pillar and bounce to it. Wall run throughout the wall on the left to succeed in the cliff. Comply with the trail and stroll across the Koboh Mud, the bits of floating blue particles that may suffocate you.

You’ll run right into a pit filled with Koboh Mud that you simply’ll must get throughout. There’s a cliff on the best facet that’s lined in vines. Soar to it to understand the vines and climb throughout till you get to the tip of the steel beam. Soar off and onto the clifftop to succeed in the opposite facet of the pit.

Soar onto the steel platform with the lit corners and bounce off the steel beam in direction of some partitions. Wall run throughout these partitions to succeed in the tip and entry the Forest Array!

Forest Array Full Walkthrough

On this part of the information, you’ll discover ways to traverse the Forest Array whereas avoiding the Koboh Mud. Together with this, the varied collectibles discovered within the space will probably be proven as effectively. Comply with carefully and this part will probably be a breeze.

You’ll want to work together with the Meditation Level so you may respawn right here must you make a mistake. To the best of the Meditation Level, you’ll discover a pit filled with Koboh Mud with a big gear on the finish.

So excellent news and dangerous information, let’s begin with the excellent news. On prime of that gear is a datadisc you should utilize at a vendor. Dangerous information is there’s just one approach to get it, by operating by the Koboh Mud. Luckily, you’re proper subsequent to a Meditation Pointso there truly isn’t a lot of a threat in any respect, simply be sure to’re at full well being if you do that.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - the datadisc

Get a operating begin and double-jump additional into the pit. From there, simply run straight throughout to the gear and decide up the datadisc. You’ll respawn the place you jumped off from and might heal on the Meditation Level.

To the left of the Meditation Level is a Koboh Barrier you may scan for a Databank entry. Whereas this barrier seems fragile, you’ll be unable to destroy it together with your lightsaber.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - the scan koboh matter

Stroll by the beam and Grapple Hook onto the steel grate.

Whenever you attain the highest of the grate, bounce to the best to land on the platform beneath. There you’ll discover a chest containing the Hunter shirt! Climb the grates behind you to get again to the beginning space.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide -Hunter Shirt location

To the best of this barrier within the pit beneath, you’ll discover one other datadisc on prime of a gear. Soar in there, seize it, and respawn whereas therapeutic on the Meditation Level should you assume you want it.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - datadisc

Pressure Push this steel beam so you may stroll throughout it to succeed in the platforms forward.

Make your means throughout and Pressure Pull the beam to succeed in the grates alongside the wall. You’ll ultimately attain an space the place you may see a big fowl that’s caught. Maintain following the trail and also you’ll discover a shortcut, activate it for simple entry again to the Meditation Level.

Stroll down the trail the place you’ll discover some grates. Make your means throughout underneath the enormous fowl. There’s a locked door to the left that you simply gained’t be capable of open in the meanwhile, so simply ignore it for now.

Whenever you get instantly underneath the fowl, you’ll be knocked off into the Koboh Mud beneath. Soar onto the grate in entrance of you and climb out earlier than you suffocate. Up forward is an space you may scan that may get you the Epic Moltings databank entry.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - Epic Moltings Databank entry

You’ll must wall run to succeed in the opposite facet the place the rawka corpses are. Get to the opposite facet and unlock the door to the left. From there head into the big chamber.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - wall run segment

You’ll discover a single rawka that’s nonetheless alive, dispatch it and proceed on the trail ahead. A Mogu will bounce down onto the trail, you’ll must defeat it to progress. As long as you dodge its unblockable assaults you need to be tremendous, although be aware of not falling off the ledge.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - meeting with a mogu

After defeating the Mogu, yow will discover one thing you may scan on the finish of the trail. Scanning this can grant you the Auxiliary Array Telescope Databank entry.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - Auxiliary Array Telescope Databank entry

In the direction of the ledge on the finish of the trail, there’s a steel beam you may bounce down onto. Use your ascension cable to rappel throughout the hole and to the platform. There will probably be grates above you you could transfer throughout to the opposite facet of the bridge with.

Whenever you make it throughout the bridge underside, you’ll discover a Collectible Essence that may grant you a Talent Level when activated.

There’s a path to the best that’ll take you again to the chamber with the rawka corpses. Make your means again to the highest of the bridge the place you fought the Mogu and ascend the grates to succeed in the trail above.

Whenever you attain the highest of the constructing, go to the best to discover a chest with the Diligence Lightsaber Change inside. From there, slide down into the chamber beneath.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - Diligence switch location

Whenever you get down, have BD-1 scan the machine within the heart of the chamber to get the Orb Amplifier Databank entry.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - Orb Amplifier databank entry

Pressure Pull the orb from the wall and place it into the Orb Amplifier.

Inserting the Orb into the Amplifier will trigger a beam of vitality to shoot out that may destroy the Koboh Limitations. Take a while to relaxation on the Meditation Level and head into the newly opened space.

On this new chamber, you’ll want to leap up the platform close to the middle of the room and bounce to the pole above you. Soar to the platforms and make your approach to the ledge and lower the road to create a shortcut.

Go previous the shortcut, bounce down the ledge, and go to the best the place you’ll discover a scout trooper having fun with the view. Whereas on this path, yow will discover a hidden passage on the best wall.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - secret path

Undergo the trail and Pressure Push the steel beam to get throughout the hole. There you’ll discover a chest containing the Swooper Head for BD-1.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - Swooper head cosmetic

Comply with the trail and bounce off the ledge and onto the pole. Make your approach to the rope and swing to the vines on the cliffside.

You’ll run right into a Collectible Essence that’ll grant you the Fortification Perk. This may allow you to regenerate hit factors as much as a minimal quantity, so it’s all the time helpful to have! When you accumulate that, bounce right down to get again the place you began.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Guide - Fortification Perk location

Go down the trail that descends right into a darkish space with an area you may squeeze by. Undergo to the opposite facet the place you’ll discover a Meditation Level and a Collectible Essence that provides you with Confusion: Main Fauna.

This may help you use Pressure Confusion on giant beasts so you should utilize them to dispatch your enemies.

Relaxation on the Meditation Level and transfer ahead up the trail the place you’ll discover stormtroopers and a sleeping bilemaw. This can be a good alternative to make use of Confusion on the bilemaw to have it combat the stormtroopers for you.

When you filter out the realm of enemies, go behind one of many tents on the campsite. There you’ll discover a chest containing the Tactical Jacket.

Go down the trail and to the best in direction of a really lengthy root. Go down the foundation and transfer throughout it to succeed in some vines on a cliff face, then climb the vines.

Maintain following the trail and climb till you discover a relter. A cutscene will play and afterward, you’ll be capable of tame the relter. This may grant you the flexibility to seize onto relters to glide with them! Soar to the relter and glide right down to get to the following space!

This may take you again to the Forest Array and should you head to the left, you’ll discover the locked door with a earlier Meditation Level past it. You’ll want to open this shortcut and relaxation!

Comply with the trail you had been beforehand on and also you’ll discover a group of stormtroopers. Defeat them and wall run as much as the higher stage. Use the relter up there to glide right down to the central plaza beneath.

Have BD-1 scan the machine to get the Central Rotational Equipment Databank entry.

Behind the Equipment is a lever you may push and pull with the Pressure. Use it to rotate the equipment to create a shortcut to the beginning space’s Meditation Level and proceed to rotate the equipment to free the fowl.

With the fowl freed and the Koboh Matter out of the way in which, comply with the vitality beam to get to the grates you had been unable to completely cross earlier. Whenever you attain the tip, bounce down and also you’ll discover a crate containing the Hunter Pants.

Go upstairs and glide down with the relter to the group of stormtroopers. Defeat them and unlock the door that results in the central plaza.

Pressure Pull the orb within the Central Equipment and convey it in direction of the tower to energy the bridge.

Go throughout the bridge onto the platform and Pressure Pull the orb and throw it throughout the hole into the Bridge Energy Unit on the opposite facet. Be certain that the concentrating on line is purple so you recognize it’ll land on the machine. Cross the bridge then go up the elevator.

Contained in the Tower

Whenever you attain the highest of the tower, you’ll discover a Meditation Level. Relaxation right here and proceed ahead into the tower. To the best is a terminal you’ll want BD-1 to slice into, this can energy the tower and allow you to transfer on with the mission.

Stroll into the Medical Chamber the place you’ll watch a cutscene. After the cutscene, you’ll enter a Pressure Imaginative and prescient and relive the recollections of the particular person contained in the bacta tank. This phase may be very simple, full it to get extra cutscenes.

You’ll ultimately snap again into actuality when the Jedi within the Pressure Imaginative and prescient begins to talk to Cal. After this cutscene is completed, you’ll be greeted with a boss combat the place you’ll be preventing Dagan Gera.

Struggle in opposition to Dagan Gera

This combat is especially arduous on increased difficulties. Regardless of solely having one arm, Dagan is exceptionally expert. He can shut a big distance in a short time along with his unblockable assault.

When you can dodge, you can even simply keep away from these unblockable assaults by leaping over him. Block and look forward to openings after he finishes a combo or drain his stamina by parrying.

When you defeat Dagan, watch the cutscene and you’d have accomplished your goal in Reaching the Forest Array!

Don’t neglect to choose up the Collectible Essence to get Most Well being Enhance!

We’ve got much more Star Wars Jedi Survivor Guides out there for you. From Walkthroughs, to Puzzles, Exploration, Collectibles Lists and Boss Fights. Have a look should you need assistance with one thing else within the recreation.

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