Jedi Survivor Koboh Information: Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk

Jedi Survivor Koboh Guide: How to Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk

This information will present you undergo the Viscid Bathroom to achieve the Lucrehulk the place it’s good to save Zee from Dagan Gera. Prepare for a blast from the previous with this degree as you’ll be exploring the stays of a Droid Management Ship from the Clone Wars!

get to the Lucrehulk

To achieve the Lucrehulk, quick journey to the Devastated Settlement Meditation Level and make your method again to the world with the Gorocco and Spikers. Undergo the inexperienced barrier and also you’ll have the ability to attain the Viscid Bathroom.

Get previous the wall working phase to glide down a Relter and attain this island within the swamp.

How to get to the Lucrehulk

Search for the Pressure Echo on the island, proper under the ledge right here is an space you possibly can leap sprint to the place you possibly can activate a zipper line. Activate this zip line to achieve the Loading Gantry Meditation Level. You should definitely activate the Meditation Level to save lots of and relaxation if it’s good to.

How to get to the Lucrehulk

Squeeze previous a damaged door close to the Meditation to combat a bunch of battle droids. Defeat them and get have Bode break the coupling to let you cross the swamp.

How to get to the Lucrehulk

Get throughout and go to the fitting the place you’ll want your ascension cable to achieve some grates. Climb up and leap sprint to a pole you possibly can hook onto along with your ascension cable. Soar sprint to the grates forward and preserve climbing into the Lucrehulk. After some platforming you’ll discover the Hangar Rafters Meditation Level.

Go deeper into the Lucrehulk

Observe the trail to come across a Raider Veteran and two Commando Droids. Defeat them and search for a metallic beam you possibly can Pressure Push. Pushing this may let you transfer forward into the inexperienced barrier previous a wall working phase.

Undergo some wall working and climbing segments and also you’ll attain a shortcut you possibly can create to skip this sooner or later. Proper across the nook is a reprogrammed MagnaGuard. Defeat it and search for some metallic you possibly can Pressure Pull. Pulling this metallic away gives you a spot to hook onto.

Hook onto the grate forward, climb to the highest, then leap sprint to the grates in your proper. Make your method to a bunch of Bedlam Raiders and drop down on at the very least one for an instantaneous kill. Defeat them, go to the fitting, and make your method down a ramp then into a brief hallway.

On the furthest finish of the hallways is a grate you possibly can Pressure Push to make a shortcut to the Meditation Level. Undergo the opening within the wall to sprint to a grate then cross the inexperienced barrier. This subsequent combat might be powerful at larger difficulties as you’ll need to combat two Raider Veterans, a B2 Tremendous Battle Droid, and a B1 Battle Droid inside a confined house.

For those who’re having hassle right here, go into the again platform the place a Datadisc lies. Defeat the B2 Tremendous Battle Droid from right here then Pressure Pull one of many Raiders to you. The opposite gained’t observe so now you possibly can take them each down separately.

Go deeper into the Lucrehulk

Slice the blast door open to reunite with Bode. Defeat the MagnaGuard then unlock the blast door to the fitting to create a shortcut to the Meditation Level. Go down the corridor the place you’ll combat two Droidekas. They are often very powerful at larger difficulties however there’s a few good tips to get by way of these shields.

The Crossguard Lightsaber is superb in opposition to them when you have the Charged Replicate talent. Reflecting one among their blaster bolts with Charged Replicate will immediately take down their shields. In any other case simply push ahead to shut the hole and assault them to convey their shields down. Simply watch out of an unblockable assault they’ll use if you happen to’re too shut.

Go deeper into the Lucrehulk

Discover a method to the Turbolift

After getting previous the droidekas, you’ll discover Zee is with some Bedlam Raiders in an turbolift. This turbolift results in the Management Tower, your subsequent job is to discover a method to get to this turbolift to seek out her.

Find a way to the Turbolift

Cal and Bode will cut up up once more after forming a plan to get to the elevator. Go to the fitting, down the corridor and undergo the inexperienced obstacles. You’ll discover crates with grates on them that you simply’ll want to leap sprint to. The second you seize onto it, climb to the again facet so forestall getting knocked off by the wall. Soar down onto some Bedlam Raiders, defeat them, and transfer on.

Find a way to the Turbolift

Go down the elevator and to the left to achieve the Lucrehulk Core Meditation Level. Take a while to relaxation as issues will get difficult up forward. Go ahead and to the left the place you’ll encounter shielded turrets. Strive all you’d like, you aren’t getting previous these shields. The best choice is to hunt cowl from them however do be warned there’s a Raider hiding behind the generator.

Find a way to the Turbolift

Run previous the turret then leap in direction of the platform under to the left. Undergo the inexperienced barrier into the room with the B1 Battle Droids.

Find a way to the Turbolift

There will probably be a protracted line of turrets up forward so begin working and don’t cease till you hit a lifeless finish with a Pressure Echo. To the fitting is a ledge you possibly can climb up that can allow you to open a shortcut and combat a Raider Smasher.

Find a way to the Turbolift

The Bedlam Smasher is a raider armed with an electrohammer. One hit from this hammer will take out a big chunk of your well being. Ranged assaults from a blaster don’t do a lot in opposition to them as a result of their powerful armor. Your greatest guess is to dodge their assaults and strike a few times then return on the defensive. It’s a lot simpler to dodge them than parry them.

Find a way to the Turbolift

After the battle, you’ll reunite with Bode. It will have been good if he helped with the Bedlam Smasher nevertheless it’s too late for regrets. Slice the door open to proceed and get ready for a really difficult half.

You’ll see quite a few crates being pulled throughout a conveyor, all of that are yellow can you possibly can run throughout. Your aim right here is to run throughout one, leap off whenever you get to the tip of the crate, then leap again onto it to repeat the method till you possibly can hook onto a ledge along with your ascension cable.

When you climb up the ledge, go to the terminal close to the door and slice it. Right here you’ll discover you’re within the Yurt Barracks, a housing space for the Bedlam Raiders. Observe Bode to the barracks and put together for a combat.

This space will get cramped so watch your sides and again as you’ll simply get surrounded right here. The hallway earlier than the Yurt Barracks can have a locked door, open it to create a shortcut to the Meditation Level.

Battle by way of the primary space of the Yurt Barracks till you’re at a ledge the place you see two raiders coaching. Double leap sprint to them and assault one among them whereas falling for an instantaneous kill.

Defeat the raiders right here then search for this pulley shortcut. Have Bode activate it to get to the higher degree. Subsequent you’ll need to combat a number of droids adopted by a Bedlam Smasher. The droids will come out of Multi-Trooper Transports so take them out as they’re positioned down.

After you defeat the enemies right here, go to the left to slice a door open. Simply preserve following Bode and a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene, transfer ahead till your path is lower off by a shut door. Flip round and look all the way down to discover a platform under, leap down right here and undergo the door.

When you’re down, go to the fitting and proceed down the darkish corridor method. There’s a nook with a crimson mild that has an thought you possibly can squeeze by way of, undergo right here to proceed. After a cutscene with Rayvis, you’ll fall down a big shaft solely two encounter two shielded turrets on the backside. Cal can have a flashback and one other cutscene will play.

After the cutscene, you’ll have the ability to use the Pressure Elevate and Pressure Slam powers. Goal the turrets then Pressure Slam them to destroy them. Pressure Elevate the door forward to open in and proceed. You’ll attain the Generator Underbelly Meditation Level, relaxation right here to save lots of and refill on stims.

Find a way to the Turbolift

Tip: For those who’re in opposition to a low well being enemy with their guard up, Pressure Slam is an effective way to complete them off. You too can Pressure Elevate enemies!

This subsequent room acts as a tutorial room for the way you should utilize Pressure Elevate and Pressure Slam. Within the muck, there’s a platform you possibly can Elevate up. Pressure Elevate it and leap over to the opposite facet then destroy the turret.

Previous the turret is one other platform you possibly can raise. Elevate it up, leap on high then go up the ledge to the fitting.

Forward there will probably be a collection of grates you possibly can Pressure Elevate or Pressure Slam. Determine which one to make use of to make your method throughout the hole to activate a shortcut for later use. You’ll encounter a platform with raiders on high and a turret on the underside. Pressure Slam the turret whereas its not taking pictures at you to ship all of them flying down.

Soar all the way down to the platform, go up some grates you raise, then hook onto the ledge along with your ascension cable. Defeat the raiders forward then Pressure Slam a raise on the fitting facet of the room. It’ll return up mechanically so hop on board earlier than it does. Go up the turbolift on the finish of the trail and observe the trail again to the Lucrehulk Core Meditation Level.

Go ahead to this raise and Pressure Slam it down. Take it to the higher degree and go to the fitting, seize onto the hook on the ledge then squeeze by way of the crevice to get to the turbolift and begin a cutscene.

Rescue Zee from Dagan Gera

Dagan Gera is planning to wipe Zee’s reminiscence to reprogram her into his loyal servant. You’ll be able to’t let that occur so now it’s good to make it to her earlier than Dagan does. Pressure raise the panel on the left to wall run throughout the room.

Rescue Zee from Dagan Gera

When you’re throughout, Pressure Elevate the vent to leap down and entry the Ahead Management Tower Meditation Level. Relaxation right here and refill your well being and stims. Take the following left and Pressure Slam the blast doorways on the finish of the corridor to seek out Zee. A cutscene will play and also you’ll have your second battle in opposition to Dagan Gera.

Boss Battle: Dagan Gera

Having recovered from his time within the Bacta Tank, Dagan is way extra harmful than he was beforehand. He’ll use a second lightsaber to orbit round him making it powerful to get near him and difficult to get away from him when he goes in to assault.

If in case you have the arrogance and the talent, run into the orbiting blade and parry it. This may drain an enormous quantity of stamina from Dagan making him susceptible to parries in opposition to his combos.

Rescue Zee from Dagan Gera

Be cautious of his twin wield assaults as that is arduous to parry at larger difficulties. It may be extra prudent to dodge this combo as a substitute. Do that by dodging backwards then dodge to the facet to keep away from his lunge.

Escape the Lucrehulk

After defeating Dagan, decide up the Pressure Essence to get a lift to your most well being. Observe Bode and Zee to the escape pods and make your method out of the Lucrehulk. Cal can have some lower than nice reminiscences because of the escape pod and also you’ll end up again within the swamps.

Escape the Lucrehulk

When you’re exterior, you’ll end up again on the island with the hut. Discover a spire you possibly can Pressure Elevate, climb it, then attain the Viscid Bathroom Meditation Level. Take a relaxation and quick journey to the Mantis.

Earlier than making your method again to the Mantis, there’s really a Jedi Chamber close by. To study extra, try our Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection Puzzle Information. For anything, verify our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Guides Grasp Record.

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