LEGO base plates and Urban plates menu in 1.0

Posted by BuzzFeed News on July 30, 2018 05:22:56 It’s easy to miss the fact that a lot of the plates in this week’s episode of “The Lego Movie” are actually pieces of plastic, but this isn’t really surprising considering how the show’s production team is so obsessed with finding the perfect sets.

There are so many plates in the movie that they had to cut them down in order to make room for all the pieces.

But the most interesting of them is a plate that’s just a few inches across.

This plate has the word “Lego” emblazoned in it on the side, which is what is supposed to be a logo.

The name is also printed on the inside of the plate, and it’s made of an extra thick plastic.

The plate’s name is actually spelled “Legoland” and it features a silhouette of a castle surrounded by a castle gate with the word LEGOLAND spelled backwards on top.

The logo is a nod to the fact the characters that populate the park are also named after the parks famous theme parks, such as the Fantasyland and Epcot.

This is a good example of how the Lego team is constantly exploring new themes in order “to make it more immersive,” according to co-director Justin Roiland, who was on set this week.

“If you’re a fan of the Disney parks, you’ll know that Legoland has been a theme park for a long time,” Roiland said.

“Legolas theme park, or the Legolas Theme Park, is a lot more immersive and interactive.

There’s so many things that we wanted to add to it.”

Lego also made sure the plates were made from the same material, so they’re all made out of the same plastic.

If you look closely, you can see the word LEGO engraved on the plate’s face.

The word LEGO was written in red on the left side and yellow on the right side.

The Lego logo was also printed in red and yellow.

It’s unclear what the word is for.

The plates in “The LEGO Movie” were originally printed out of 3D printer-printed plastic, which can be difficult to cut down on the set.

However, the company has recently come out with a new 3D printing technology called additive manufacturing, which means the company can create plates from much thinner plastic, meaning they can be cut down much more quickly and easily.

The new technology is more versatile and easier to print, but it also requires much more expensive 3D printers.

“The only thing we can really guarantee with this is that the plates are as close to 100 percent recyclable as possible,” Lego said in a statement.

“But the plastic is still incredibly hard, and the cost of the printer will only increase over time.

The 3D prints are also extremely expensive.”


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