Lego base plates – why are they a problem

A new piece of Lego base plate technology has been blamed for the collapse of one of its bases.

The metal-alloy base plates, made by Lego, are designed to hold a Lego brick together when it is tilted, as well as to protect it from bending.

But when the base plates are tilted, they can move and cause the base plate to fall.

They have also been blamed in a series of crashes, including the one that killed a six-year-old girl in Colorado earlier this month.

A team of engineers from the University of California, Berkeley, found that the metal- alloy plates are moving when they are rotated by just 3.3 degrees.

That translates to a loss of about 50 grams of material per second, according to the researchers.

In some cases, they could be as much as a third of the material that the baseplate holds, the researchers said.

“We are concerned that the plate may be moving and that it may move faster than we thought it would,” said Steven J. Hsieh, an associate professor in the UC Berkeley School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

There are two main ways the plates might be moving.

One is the “melt,” when the metal metal alloy is heated to around 1,500 degrees Celsius (2,700 degrees Fahrenheit) and then heated to 700 degrees Celsius before being cooled.

Another way the plates are being tilted is when the plate is rotated with respect to a moving object, such as a piece of wood or a base.

One of the plates, called the “plated” plate, is made of plastic that is heated and then cooled.

This allows it to hold up to 30 grams of Lego.

When it is lifted up, it comes apart and falls.

However, when the plates slide off the base, they fall to the ground, where they can damage other pieces of the base.

The team, which is led by Hsieu, found the plate could move at up to 50 grams per second.

For more than two decades, the university has worked to understand how the plates move, with the hope of developing better designs.

The study, which was published online in the journal Science Advances, looked at the behavior of a group of base plates that were manufactured from plastics that are made from carbon nanotubes, a material that is used in the manufacture of many kinds of products.

According to the university, this material can move in a “controlled” way, meaning that it can be controlled to behave in a way that is consistent with the way that other materials are moving.

“When the plastic is hot and cooled, the nanotube will expand, and it will contract as it does this,” said Hsieou, who was a researcher in the UCSB Institute for Materials Research and the UC Berkley Center for Materials Science and Engineering.

“But when you put it under stress, it expands and contracts, and when it gets stressed, it shrinks.”

The team tested the plates using a small robot called a “drum” that was set up to tilt the base with a controlled amount of force.

The robots arm was tilted up and down by a controlled, controlled amount, while a force sensor monitored the movement of the plastic as it was being tilted.

Researchers measured the force applied by the robot to the base of the plate, as measured by a forceometer.

At one point, they counted how many Lego pieces fell off the plate as the robot tilted it up and then down, with different forces applied to the plates.

Hsieh said the team found that at times, a portion of the metal plate could slip off, but that was only because it was moving in a controlled way.

“The metal is not moving and it is not breaking the base,” he said.

“There’s no breaking in that case, so it doesn’t matter.”

Hsiu and his team say that in some cases when the team had to test the plates for bending, they found that they were not bending.

Instead, the team observed that the plastic was moving very slowly.

“It was slow, so we had to slow down and we slowed it down, and that slowed it, but it was not moving very fast,” Hsieo said.

Hsieu said he believes the plates could be a problem if the weight of the objects they are holding, such a Lego base, is increased.

“One of our main ideas is that the plates should have been designed so that they wouldn’t be falling on one another, so if you have an object that’s a lot heavier, they don’t break as easily,” he added.

“If they’re all falling on each other, that’s when the problem might occur.”

The study was supported by a National Science Foundation Research Award and the UCLA Materials Research Center.


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