Magic: The Celebration – 10 Planeswalkers And Also Their Pokemon Companion

Chandra and Cinderace, Jace and Meowstic, Liliana and Absol

Throughout the years Magic: The Celebration and also Pokemon have both had their reasonable share of team-ups, cross-overs, and also companion pairings; yet never ever have both went across courses, previously. Both Magic and also Pokemon have actually been around given that the ’90s, and also coupling them up with each other appears like an all-natural suitable for 2 famous IPs.

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With a massive actors of effective planeswalkers in Magic, and also greater than a thousand one-of-a-kind Pokemon to combine, there are lots of opportunities must a planeswalker head to the Pokemon world. While there, they can get a companion Pokemon to take with them on their experiences and also take a trip the multiverse with each other.


10 Gideon + Arcanine

Gideon and Arcanine

The affable soldier of Magic is entitled to a devoted companion to aid shield the innocents of the globe, so what far better companion than Arcanine. The very take on and also incredibly faithful fire-type pupper is the best companion Pokemon for Gideon, that is driven to protect the innocent, whatever globe he is going to. With Arcanine by his side, both of them can remove any kind of wickedness that endangers the multiverse.

9 Ashiok + Haunter

 Ashiok and Haunter

The problem weaver Ashiok is entitled to an ideal Pokemon companion, and also what far better selection exists than the heavenly gas Pokemon, Haunter? Both Ashiok and also Haunter delight in passing through individuals’s desires in their downtime. Ashiok attracts power from individuals’s concerns, traversing their problems to locate what terrifies them most, while Haunter can absorb its target’s life powers away and also can place individuals to copulate its Hypnotherapy assault to aid Ashiok discover their best weak points.

8 Garruk + Rowlet

Garruk and Rowlet

At his core, Garruk is a large softie at his core that likes all nature’s animals. Coupling him up with Rowlet, quickly among the prettiest grass-type Pokemon from the video games is a best fit. Both of them would certainly expand with each other while on their experiences, searching beasts throughout the airplanes and also supporting the development of the globe.

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Garruk would certainly shield Rowlet and also aid it advance right into its last type. After that both can quest one of the most hazardous monsters with each other throughout the multiverse buddy-cop design.

7 Kiora + Wishiwashi

 Kiora and Wishiwashi

From deep under the seas comes Kiora and also her companion Pokemon, Wishiwashi. It would certainly have been simple to set Kiora with Tentacruel provided Kiora’s all-natural fondness for Krackens and also various other deep-sea snakes, yet Wishiwashi seems like it personifies the sea and also Kiora herself a little far better. Wishiwashi starts as a lonesome little cutie yet rapidly becomes a pressure of nature once it triggers its Education capacity. Both of them would certainly make the best set as they discover the midsts of each airplane they find.

6 Chandra + Cinderace

Chandra and Cinderace

Every person’s preferred intense pyromancer absolutely has lots of trendy fire-type Pokemon to pick from as her Pokemon companion, yet Cinderace is a best choice for Chandra. Both are cranky and also plainly include open fires in their style, Chandra with her hair and also Cinderace with its preferred pebble-turned-fireball. When Gigantamaxed, Cinderace’s fireball expands to huge percentages, just like Chandra that can blaze her enemies with incredibly effective fire magic when provided an increase in mana.

5 Kaya + Zorua

Kaya and Zorua

In the city-wide airplane of Ravnica, Kaya and also Zorua can browse the city effortlessly many thanks to their abilities. Zorua is called the Challenging Fox Pokemon, due to its capacity to cast impressions on itself to appear like various other Pokemon and also sometimes, individuals. With Kaya leading the Orzhov Distribute and also their awful financial system, both can rule the roads of Ravnica.

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These 2 would certainly be predestined to be each various other’s Pokemon and also Instructor if both worlds clashed, as Kaya can translucent and also eliminate any kind of impression, most likely having the ability to locate Zorua where ever before its hiding.

4 Nissa + Tangrowth

 Nissa and Tangrowth

Nissa may currently have an important companion in Ashaya yet were she to take a trip to the Pokemon airplane she’d locate a brand-new companion with Tangrowth. Just like the turning woodlands of Nissa’s residence airplane of Zendikar, Tangrowth is a mass of creeping plants and also can seem simply a huge shrub if it stalls. Nissa has a deep link to nature and also the mana of plants, and also with Tangrowth, a living woodland, both can grow a healthy and balanced woodland with each other.

3 Jace + Meowstic

Jace and Meowstic

Could you envision these 2 psychic beings collaborate and also tackling the Pokemon Organization? Jace, a mind mage so effective he as soon as spoke with an old eldritch entity and also didn’t quickly go crazy, and also Meowstic, a psychic Pokemon so solid it can shred a semi-truck with its mind. These 2 psychic giants can deal with down any kind of hazard, any kind of instructor silly adequate to take on them. Jace would certainly understand your whole group, techniques, and also relocates prior to you also threw away your very first Pokemon.

2 Teferi + Tyrantrum

 Teferi and Tyrantrum

Teferi is a master of time and also Tyrantrum is a Pokemon from the remote past, what far better pairing could there be? Teferi has actually been an all-powerful planeswalker from Magic’s old past, entraped in time bubbles for ages, and also has actually turned into one of one of the most highly regarded planeswalkers in Magic. Tyrantrum is a Pokemon from the old past, and also though it was offered today with scientific research, it can show to Teferi what it really feels to be drawn from its very own timeline. Both with each other can lead the brand-new Gatewatch versus the multiverse’s wickedness and also understand to value the moment they have.

1 Liliana + Absol

Liliana and Absol

Both Liliana and also Absol have actually been outcast from their particular cultures. Liliana is a necromancer and also as soon as benefited among the evilest beings in the multiverse, the dragon authoritarian Nicol Bolas. While she has actually done awful points, she likewise cares deeply for those around her and also would certainly shield them regardless. She would certainly locate a best companion in Absol, a Pokemon that is typically unjustly condemned for triggering catastrophes when it just intends to advise individuals of the upcoming risk. While both may be condemned for a great deal of the globe’s troubles, and also may also have actually created a few of them, they’ll constantly exist to aid get the items.

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