NHL weighs in on Olympic weight plates controversy

The NHL is weighing in on an issue that’s been on the minds of fans across the country for several years now.

It appears that the NHLPA and the NHL are looking at how to handle the Olympic weight plate controversy, which the league is hoping to resolve before the games begin this weekend.

The plates have become a contentious issue in the league, and the commissioner’s office has been trying to keep the plates off the ice during the games.

The NHLPA is also seeking clarification from the NHL about what it means to have the plates removed from the ice.

The issue arose in late October after a video of players and coaches at the Winter Olympics was posted to YouTube, which showed players and team staff throwing the plates out of the arena.

NHL players have been accused of throwing the plate and other debris onto the ice at an earlier event in Vancouver.

While the plates have been removed from games, players and coach’s faces have been plastered across the ice with the plates in red, white and blue.

The plates have also been used as a backdrop at some sporting events, including the NHL All-Star Game, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Winter Classic, and are often seen in front of a banner reading “The Olympic Plate.

A Waste of Time.”

The NHL and the players union have been in talks over the past several months, with the players association demanding that the plates be removed from ice surfaces, and that teams and players be given an equal amount of ice time.

The league has also been pushing for more transparency about the plates, which have been banned from the rink during games and on the ice since 2006.

The league said Friday that it has been working with the union to come up with a compromise on how the plates should be dealt with, and has reached out to other sports leagues, including those that have banned the plates.

The NFLPA has been in contact with the league to offer input, the league said.

“We have been very transparent with the League regarding our concerns regarding the removal of the Olympic plates,” the NHL said in a statement.

“The League is committed to working with all teams and organizations to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”


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