‘No, we will not kill’: A mother who wanted her car impounded by police for refusing to drive it to her funeral

A mother in Hawaii is calling for her car to be impounded after her husband refused to drive her to the funeral of her daughter.

The 45-year-old, who has not been named, said she has a court hearing scheduled for February.

The woman has a driving license and a $2,000 insurance policy on her vehicle.

But, the husband insisted on driving his wife to the event.

She said she told him he could not be there and that he should go.

He then threatened to kill her.

“He told me that I would be killed if I didn’t obey him,” she said.

“He told my mother that I am a coward and he will kill me.

That was very emotional for me.

I couldn’t believe it.””

He has never been violent towards me,” she added.

“It made me feel terrible.

He had a bad attitude.

He has never tried to hurt me or hurt my family.”

The woman’s daughter died after an accidental overdose on her medication.


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