What to expect from the Olympic plates in Sochi

In a world where many athletes will wear the same plates at the Olympics and Paralympics, there are a few key differences between the two.“Olympic plates have the same shape, and there’s no way to adjust it,” said Mike Pomeranz, Olympic and Paralymic plates director for the Olympic Games.“There are no holes or ridges.The plates […]

Which are the best Arizona personalized plates?

Arizona personalized plate pricing is on the rise.That’s a big deal for those of us who want to live in a community where we can feel safe in our personal space.If you’re planning to live and work in Arizona, the state’s personalized plate system will likely be your first priority.Here are the most popular Arizona […]

How the Supreme Court could save the American dream

When Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion in a landmark gay rights case in 2016, he didn’t mince words: “The question now before us is not whether marriage equality should be permitted, but whether the Constitution permits it.”The next year, when the court declined to review an Arizona law that barred gay […]