The New York license plate of a man who killed a woman is now a treasure trove of information on a murder that he didn’t commit

The New Orleans license plate was the first of its kind, but the details of its design may not be known for some time.A woman who was killed in a hit-and-run accident near the scene of the crash said she was on the plate when she was killed.A new study has found the plate was […]

5th grader’s photo of plate from ‘Star Wars’ will be on the Internet

The fifth grader who won a license plate from “Star Wars” will receive an extra one for the Internet.Alex Wooten, who is also the star of the show’s fifth season, received a plate from his favorite franchise, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” from the Warner Bros. Consumer Products division, a spokeswoman for the division told […]

‘Cats have been everywhere’: Georgia’s license plate carriers have been ‘everywhere’

GEORGIA — Cats have been the best plate carrier in Georgia, according to state license plate carrier and best plate holder George Toms.The state license plates are among the few states that don’t allow them, but Toms said they are everywhere in the metro Atlanta area, and they’re the reason he has been a plate […]