Garbage plate items in New York state may be illegal, judge rules

A New York judge ruled that items in the state’s license plate inventory may be considered contraband, and could land a person in jail for up to six months.Judges in a Suffolk County courtroom Thursday said items that appear on the license plates of the state vehicle registration agency can be considered a property.The judge, […]

What are the rules around plate carriers?

The Indian Railways has issued a circular for the collection of garbage plates and a list of required documents.The circular, issued on September 12, says that a plate carrier shall present the following documents to the station and the garbage carrier shall collect the plate in accordance with the regulations.1.Passport2.Proof of age3.Proof that the person […]

How Walmart can use the hottest license plate in the world to boost sales

The world’s hottest plate is a new hot plate that Walmart will roll out in India, the company announced on Thursday.The plates are called hot plates and the company has used the plates to help increase sales of its merchandise.“Our new hot plates are more durable, have a wider variety of colors and can be […]