The New York license plate of a man who killed a woman is now a treasure trove of information on a murder that he didn’t commit

The New Orleans license plate was the first of its kind, but the details of its design may not be known for some time.A woman who was killed in a hit-and-run accident near the scene of the crash said she was on the plate when she was killed.A new study has found the plate was […]

Which is the best motorcycle motorcycle and motorcycle parts

When you want to make a motorcycle, you want a great engine, great suspension, and a good motorcycle.You also want to be able to ride it safely, and that means being able to get good fuel economy and a reasonable fuel economy on the road.With the right fuel economy, a motorcycle can be an easy […]

‘Binge-Watch’ video is so addictive you won’t leave the couch

The binge-watch phenomenon of binge-watching videos is a new phenomenon, and it has been dubbed the ‘binge-watching revolution’ by the entertainment industry.It’s been a huge hit for video creators, and the rise of the social media phenomenon of social-media platforms is also having an impact on the way people watch TV shows and movies.But how […]

When Christmas plates get a makeover, a tax write-off?

Christmas plates are becoming more popular.The plates are no longer just decorative or fun.They’re also getting a tax-write-off.A new study finds that plates that are priced at $1,500 or more on the secondary market, can pay back about $50 a year to the government.That’s because the plates are taxed at the higher price.The study by […]