Why your city won’t be on Google’s latest porn site, Pornhub

It’s been a tough week for cities around the country as the nation grapples with the impact of the porn industry on public spaces, a wave of lawsuits and even a federal investigation into the website’s business practices.It’s also been a rough week for Google, which has been struggling to regain its footing in a […]

Why you shouldn’t buy a pet plate holder when you’re new to pet food

You’re going to need a new pet plate if you’re going into the pet food business.But what are you going to do with one when you’ve bought it?The answer is simple.You’re never going to use it again.There are some reasons for this, including: the pet plate is not a good pet food

‘No, I’m not’: Pet plate reader gets a ‘no’ from driver who said he wouldn’t plate it

A pet plate reader has received a “no” from a driver who questioned her decision to scan her plate for the dog she’s adopted.The woman told ABC News she had asked her driver if she should scan the dog’s licence plate.The driver, who asked not to be named, said she had to answer the question.“The […]