Lego base plates – why are they a problem

A new piece of Lego base plate technology has been blamed for the collapse of one of its bases.The metal-alloy base plates, made by Lego, are designed to hold a Lego brick together when it is tilted, as well as to protect it from bending.But when the base plates are tilted, they can move and […]

What is plate tectonic definition?

Definition of plate tephra is one of the most important topics in the geophysics of plate motion.Plate tectonism is a branch of the physics of plate dynamics that studies the evolution of plate boundaries, which are the boundaries between regions of plates that are moving in different directions, called plate boundaries.Plate boundaries are the boundary […]

How to keep your plates clean in the NFL

On Monday, ESPN Insider contributor Dana Plato will explain how to keep plates clean when your team is playing a football game.ESPN Insider is a subscription-based service that delivers in-depth, in-your-face content and analysis from and ESPN.The network’s coverage of the NFL includes the league’s pre-season schedule, player reactions, pregame and postgame analysis, the […]

A ‘super-tough’ diamond plate steel could help save the world from climate change

A new type of diamond plate that has been used in cars, planes, boats and ships for more than 70 years has shown its mettle as a tough, tough material to use on steel plates.In fact, scientists are hoping the new material can be used on steel that has undergone extreme stresses, such as from […]