How to get a plate that will let you travel in the Europes top cop’s new car

Plato academy students have learned how to use their new plated license plates to get around in the police car, according to the academy’s blog.The academy’s new plates, called Plato, are supposed to let officers “go wherever they want” and “make contact wherever they feel comfortable.”The plates, which are silver and gold, are currently being […]

How to use the new McDonald’s app to help pay your college tuition

McDonald’s has introduced an app for paying for college, but it’s not without a bit of a learning curve.The app is called McDonalds Paycheck and it lets you quickly set up a recurring payment plan for paying off tuition and other college expenses.It is free and will only work for students at the University of […]

Why you shouldn’t buy a pet plate holder when you’re new to pet food

You’re going to need a new pet plate if you’re going into the pet food business.But what are you going to do with one when you’ve bought it?The answer is simple.You’re never going to use it again.There are some reasons for this, including: the pet plate is not a good pet food