What is Plato’s philosophy of life?

Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher who was the father of philosophy, wrote the famous “Euthyphro” (the life) and “Metaphysic” (his philosophy) books in the early third century BCE.Like his father Aristotle, Plato was interested in all the great questions of life, including death, the afterlife, love, and the future of humankind.Plato wrote a number of […]

How to get your own personalized license plate (DMV)

By now, you’ve probably seen your own plate at some point.It’s probably on your car’s license plate or vanity plate or even in your mailbox.But there are a lot of personalization options out there, including personalized plates, license plate decals, license plates for businesses, license stickers, license tags, and even personalized license plates.These personalized plates […]

What’s new in this year’s license plate?

The most frequently used license plate in Louisiana is the plate that reads “LOUISIANA LICENSE PLATE.”The plates, which were designed by New Orleans architect George Gilder, have been used in the state since the 1940s.The first plate was created in 1947.The state began issuing the plates in 1999.The plates were redesigned in 2008 to reflect […]