The World of ‘Star Wars’ and the Real World of Science, Explained

“Star Wars” is a fictional universe created by George Lucas.It was created by J.J. Abrams, a film executive who has been credited with bringing Star Wars to the big screen.Abrams was also responsible for creating the original trilogy, but he also oversaw the prequels, which were the last two movies in the series.The “Star Trek” […]

How to determine your weight plates size

How to measure your vanity plates size: A new calculator by a company that sells vanity plates will help you determine how much weight you’ll need to carry to get to your destination.“We wanted to create a program that would help people with the most difficult plates, the ones with the biggest amounts of vanity […]

How to get a Wyoming license plate

WASHINGTON — A Wyoming license plates issued to drivers can be seen as a symbol of American exceptionalism.But the plates, which were designed to honor Wyoming, may also serve as a warning to some.“The Wyoming plates are a great thing, but I think they are a bit too patriotic,” said Brian Miller, an associate professor […]


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