When a woman in Texas won’t let her husband wear a gold plated wedding ring

A Texas woman has said she won’t allow her husband to wear a wedding ring that was decorated with gold to his wedding.In a story on the Houston Chronicle, Amy Tishler said she wouldn’t let him wear it as a gift because it was gold plating and the bride would want to keep it.“I wouldn’t […]

LEGO base plates and Urban plates menu in 1.0

Posted by BuzzFeed News on July 30, 2018 05:22:56 It’s easy to miss the fact that a lot of the plates in this week’s episode of “The Lego Movie” are actually pieces of plastic, but this isn’t really surprising considering how the show’s production team is so obsessed with finding the perfect sets.There are so […]

How to license plate a photo of yourself

A photo of your license plate is no longer a joke.A new Texas law will allow law enforcement agencies to demand the plates from drivers who are caught with their plates taken without permission, according to a report from Vice News.The law was passed after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that he would sue […]