How the ‘Rogue’ Walmart Bumper Plates Have Become a Powerful Symbol of the Retail Industry

The word “rogue” is one of the most common terms used to describe Walmart and other major retailers.But the word is also a brand that Walmart uses.It’s a tag that signifies not just an attitude, but a product.The Rogue bumper plates are a sign of that attitude, as they’re designed by a Florida company called […]

How to determine your weight plates size

How to measure your vanity plates size: A new calculator by a company that sells vanity plates will help you determine how much weight you’ll need to carry to get to your destination.“We wanted to create a program that would help people with the most difficult plates, the ones with the biggest amounts of vanity […]

How to use the new McDonald’s app to help pay your college tuition

McDonald’s has introduced an app for paying for college, but it’s not without a bit of a learning curve.The app is called McDonalds Paycheck and it lets you quickly set up a recurring payment plan for paying off tuition and other college expenses.It is free and will only work for students at the University of […]


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