The 4th Annual Arkansas License Plate Contest

The Arkansas License Plates are officially back on the calendar for the fourth annual competition.

And, of course, the judges are Arkansas state senators.

A lot of the excitement has been on the judges.

A panel of judges will decide the winners in the end, with a big winner in the finals.

The contest is called the Arkansas License License Plate Design Competition, and it is sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Transportation, the Arkansas Highway Patrol, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Arkansas Tourism and Commerce Department.

The judges’ criteria for the contest is simple: designs should appeal to the general public, be creative, be fun and represent Arkansas.

That’s what makes the contest so popular in Arkansas.

The judges will choose from the top 30 designs.

That will then go to the designers for a design review.

The final winner will receive $100,000.

That means a design can go on the state’s plates from 2019 to 2024.

The first two designs will be unveiled on April 20.

The deadline to submit a design is June 1.

The winners will be announced June 25.

The design that is awarded the most awards will win a design plaque on the State Highway Patrol’s website.

Designs will be selected from the following categories:Art, Design, Design with Articulation, Design of Color, Design for Motor Vehicles, Design that Emphasizes Family Values, Design to represent a Special Needs Veteran, Design or Artistic Statement, Design in a Historical or Historical Setting, Design and Color for Motor Vehicle Identification, Design on a Vehicle for Use by Persons with Disabilities, Design by a Member of Congress, Design as a Signature, Design a Vehicle of a Religious or Ethical Nature, Design the Vehicle to Promote Economic Development, Design an Official State Identification Number, Design Design of a Vehicle to Serve as Identification or Vehicle of Purpose, Design from a Mobile Vehicle, Design Motor Vehicles as a Business or Economic Opportunity, Design Vehicles for Special Needs Veterans, Design Transportation, Design Transportable Vehicles, Custom Motor Vehicle, Personalized Design, Personalization of a State Identification, Personalize Personalized Vehicle, Recognize and Recognize a Vehicle, Relocate a Vehicle or a Personalized Product, and Recognition and Recognise a Vehicle.

Design submitted by an applicant who meets the following criteria will be considered:The first 100 designs submitted will be made public by the Secretary of Transportation and posted on the agency’s website for a period of at least three months.

The remaining 100 designs will remain confidential and will be available to the public during the period of confidentiality.

The first 150 designs will go to a panel of experts from the three agencies.

They will make recommendations to the Secretary on the design.

If the panel determines that the design is worthy of a design, the design will be included in the official design.

The next 150 designs from the panel will go back to the design panel for a second design review, which will determine if it meets the criteria for a final design.

The panel will also review the design and make recommendations.

The designers will then have two more design reviews, this time to make recommendations for the final design and the official state design.

Each design will need to be approved by the Department of Motor Vehicle and Highway Patrol before it can go into production.

It will then be approved for use by the state.

The department will take care of the final cost and shipping.

The designs must be posted on a state website or the Secretary’s website within seven days of the design’s approval.

The designs can be seen and downloaded from the Secretary or posted online on the Department’s website, where they can be viewed by anyone.

The design panel has four weeks to make its recommendations and to present its recommendations to Secretary Mary Jo Kopechne.

The Department of Highway Patrol will review the recommendations, provide the final approval and provide the design to the finalist.

The winners will receive the official State License Plate and the design plaque in May 2019.


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