“The best plate for a state highway in Utah”

The best plate you can get for a highway in California, Washington, New York, or Massachusetts is a plate of an old-fashioned silver-and-white metal plate.

It’s a plate that has no business being used on the interstate highway system, because, according to the State of Utah, it violates the federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1968.

It’s actually a license plate, which means it can’t be used to identify the vehicle, and the plates are not legal to sell.

The Utah Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been enforcing that law for the last 30 years, but the agency has been working to come up with a new plate for some time now.

The agency, which has not yet produced a new license plate for the state’s highway system since 2010, says that it has been “exploring other options.” 

A spokesperson told the Deseret News that it’s not known when SDOT will unveil a new version of the license plate.

The state of Utah’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) is not only the agency responsible for issuing and enforcing licenses, but also has the authority to create and modify motor vehicle safety regulations and issues licenses for drivers, for public use, and to make and enforce certain restrictions.

The new license plates will be available to anyone who has registered their vehicle, or to anyone with a valid Utah driver’s license.

They will be $2.00 each and will be valid for 24 months from the date they are issued.

It’s also up to the purchaser of the plates to ensure that they do not include any identifying information, such as license plate number or serial number.

The State of Vermont, meanwhile, has a license plates program that is similar to the one in Utah.

The state has issued a total of 30 license plates since 2007, with the first plate being issued in 2010.

The plates are designed to identify an individual, but are issued to a vehicle only.

The first two letters of the plate are reserved for identification purposes, and a final “L” is added after the last letter of the name to indicate that the plate has been issued.

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles has not announced an official replacement for the old license plates, but it has said that the new license would be available for purchase for $2 each, and would be valid in Vermont for 24 hours.

A similar license plate is currently on display at the Vermont State Capitol in Burlington, Vermont.


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