The Finest Pokemon To Use In The UU Banlist Tier

Pokemon Alolan Ninetales and Aegislash

The Underused Banlist (UUBL) tier of aggressive Pokemon is the checklist of Pokemon from every technology that are not used sufficient to be thought of for the Overused Tier, but additionally do not qualify for the Underused Tier or beneath. Underused is outlined as not having a 3.41 p.c utilization in Overused. It is an unplayable tier, however generally is a nice reference for constructing a battle checklist for within the Uber or Overused tiers.

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The Pokemon on the UUBL are thought of too overpowered for decrease tiers, however nonetheless pair effectively with higher-tier methods. They’ve all obtained one thing particular about them, although, even when they are not at all times the primary selection.

10 Gyarados

Pokemon Gyarados with characters behind it

Whereas Gyarados has at all times been a fan favourite, it may be a touch-and-go Pokemon to make use of in aggressive battling. Its excessive Assault stat and Dragon Dance make it an excellent sweeper, however it may be taken out shortly if it does not have an opportunity to arrange. Its Velocity stat is pretty low, that means it is often doomed to go second in opposition to speedier Pokemon.

Gyarados is sweet for both early-game wall softening or late-game cleansing. The only option for companions with it are ones which can be stronger in opposition to Electrical-types, as Gyardos’ Water/Flying dual-type makes it extraordinarily weak to Electrical strikes.

9 Ninetales-Alola

alolan ninetales midjump

Alolan Ninetales, outfitted with Aurora Veil and Snow Warning, is the one viable Pokemon with entry to the previous, together with the power to make use of Hypnosis or Encore. These traits, mixed with its excessive velocity, make it a fantastic early-game sweeper in opposition to setup Pokemon. Aurora Veil halves the injury the workforce takes, and Freeze-Dry will cancel out rain assaults.

The drawbacks come from it being an Ice-type, which, when mixed with its Fairy-type, makes it additional weak to metal. Ninetales-Alola is an iffy selection generally, however your workforce will not be missing in case you do determine to carry it alongside.

8 Blaziken

Pokemon Ash Blaziken from anime

Swords Dance. Two phrases that strike concern within the hearts of gamers. This devastating transfer ups your Pokemon’s Assault by two phases, maxing out at six phases. This may make a Pokemon with an already excessive assault completely lethal.

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You’d suppose this could make Blaziken an simply overused Pokemon, however sadly, it will possibly have a tough time discovering setup alternatives due to its common Velocity. Put it with the suitable workforce, nonetheless, and Blaziken will shine. The number of its assaults – Flare Blitz, Shut Fight, and Thunder Punch – are an enormous profit, particularly if it will possibly get the primary assault.

7 Hawlucha

Hawlucha on the ground

Hawlucha is an offensive fighter with rather a lot going for it. It has Swords Dance for reinforcing up its assaults, and a naturally excessive Velocity that’s nearly unmatched by some other Pokemon. It is best as a late-game selection, with robust teammates to hold it, as its protection and HP are on the decrease aspect.

It actually solely will get one probability to comb – if the opposite workforce can get an assault in, it will possibly wipe Hawlucha out. This has to do with the truth that it is weak to all standing results, it may be KO-ed by some widespread OU tier picks, and its standing boosts might be canceled out by talents like Haze. Whereas Hawlucha is sweet, it is best to reserve it for when you realize you can also make up for the shortcomings.

6 Gengar

Gengar jumps in the air in a dark stadium

Gengar’s excessive Particular Assault and Velocity already make it a power to be reckoned with. Add in Nasty Plot to up itss Particular Assault much more, the pure immunity to strikes like Poisonous and Seismic Toss, and Substitute to keep away from most different standing results, and Gengar can appear unstoppable.

This makes it a veritable powerhouse, which inserts in with OU tier Pokemon like Tapu Koko, Rillaboom, and Weavile. These companions pair effectively with Gengar and make up for its few shortcomings. Total, it may be essential ‘mon for offensive and hyper offensive groups.

5 Mienshao

Pokemon Mienshao poses

Mienshao thrives in opposition to bodily weaker Pokemon with decrease protection stats. Its transfer set contains Shut Fight, a transfer able to KOing or 2HKoing most opponents, U-Flip, which permits it to assault and instantly change out if it is in opposition to a stronger opponent, and Knock Off, which can take out the enemy’s gadgets.

Excessive Bounce Kick or Poison Jab are the perfect fourth strikes, Excessive Bounce Kick making up for Shut Fight’s low PP and Poison Jab providing a 30 p.c probability to poison the opponent. It falls down in opposition to bodily defensive, Ghost, and quicker Pokemon, in addition to ‘mons with Precedence strikes.

4 Alakazam

Alakazam holds two spoons sideways

Alakazam is one other speedster with a excessive particular assault, a useful means, and a moveset that makes it essential. Equip it with a Life Orb and go in with Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, and Hidden Energy Fireplace or Ice. The Magic Guard means protects it in opposition to direct injury, which is essential for its low protection.

Psychic is its important transfer, with Focus Blast performing as a backup in opposition to Darkish- and Metal-types. Its nice moveset makes up for its low protection and low HP, and you will wish to be sure to’re not switching in on assaults, as a result of Alakazam might be one-shotted, and you do not wish to lose it too early on.

3 Weavile

Weavile swiping claws

Weavile is an offensive Pokemon by and thru. Its excessive Assault stat, paired with its excessive Velocity, make it formidable and simply able to becoming in with some other sort of workforce. It is sadly weak in opposition to widespread varieties similar to Fairy, Combating, and Metal, in addition to a weak point to stealth rock.

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It nonetheless makes for an excellent early-game option to take out potential checks with Knock Off. It can be good for a late-game sweep, or a revenge kill. Attempt to keep away from switching it out and in an excessive amount of if Stealth Rock is in play, and at all times attempt to carry it in on Volt Change or U-Flip.

2 Dragonite

Dragonite using Dragon Claw on Rillaboom

Dragonite outfitted with Flyinium Z generally is a true risk to opponents. Dragon Dance and Supersonic Skystrike can break by most defensive staples, and the Multiscale means makes positive it has a better time organising.

Sadly, Dragonite’s Velocity is pretty low, leaving it weak to revenge kills, and requires assist from the remainder of the workforce to maintain from being taken out. It’s particularly weak to being Paralyzed, and it will possibly simply be out-speed. It’s largely a Pokemon for hyper offensive groups.

1 Aegislash/Aegislash-Blade

the pokemon aegislash in battle in shield forme

Aegislash’s twin Ghost/Metal-typing is what makes it a high contender, with its immunity to a number of the closely used assaults. Its two varieties – Base and Blade – have excessive Protection/Particular Protection and excessive Assault/Particular Assault respectively. The power Stance Change permits it to modify forwards and backwards, which may make it laborious to counter.

Conversely, you can provide up the Protection/Particular Protection to develop into a terrifying offensive attacker. Throw in a Spell Tag to energy up Ghost-type assaults, and Aegislash will blow proper by early- to mid-game Pokemon with Shadow Ball and Shut Fight for opponents proof against Shadow Ball.

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