What are the rules around plate carriers?

The Indian Railways has issued a circular for the collection of garbage plates and a list of required documents.

The circular, issued on September 12, says that a plate carrier shall present the following documents to the station and the garbage carrier shall collect the plate in accordance with the regulations.1.


Proof of age3.

Proof that the person is under 18 years of age4.

Identification card5.

Valid registration card6.

Current address of the place where the plate was issued7.

Address of the person who registered the plate8.

Telephone number9.

Date of issuance10.

Time of the platecollection11.

Telephone and address of collector12.

Expiration date of the license plate13.

Address where the registration plate is stored14.

Address the plateholder15.

Name of the collector(if any)16.

Place of registration, if applicable17.

Name, address, telephone number, and email address18.

Type of plate, if different than the type used for the registration of a vehicle19.

The name and address for the plate holder20.

The date of issuance and the expiration date of plate20.

Name and address(if applicable)21.

Type, number and date of registration of the vehicle(if different from the type of registration)22.

Date and time of the collection and the plate, the plates shall be returned to the owner, who shall have to pay for them to be returned, if any.23.

If a plate holder is in a police station or a municipal corporation, the plate shall be issued to a police officer or to the head of a police force.24.

In case of failure of a plateholder to present the required documents, the garbage plate shall not be issued.25.

A garbage plate may not be used for more than two months after the date of collection.26.

The plate shall expire at the end of the three-year period following its issuance.27.

If the plate is used for a passenger vehicle, the vehicle shall be equipped with an automatic plate reader, which shall allow it to be scanned and recorded at the point of collection, if it has a reader.28.

If it is a passenger car, the driver shall be required to present his or her driving license to the plate collector.29.

If such a plate is required, the collection shall be completed within a certain period of time, in the case of a garbage plate, within three working days from the day the plate becomes valid.30.

If no such plate is valid, the passenger vehicle shall not have to carry a garbage or a garbage collection plate.31.

A driver of a passenger bus, train, moped, or bicycle shall not drive a garbage vehicle for more that five hours between sunrise and sunset.32.

A vehicle carrying less than three passengers, shall not carry a plate for more then six hours between sunset and sunrise.33.

A passenger vehicle with a gross weight of more than 10 tonnes shall not exceed the gross weight limit of a motor vehicle or a motorbike.34.

The garbage plate and the registration plates shall not bear any inscription of any kind.35.

The plates shall bear the letter “M”, and the numbers 1, 2, and 3 shall be located above the plate.36.

The names of the collectors, the place of the plates collection and their telephone number shall be imprinted on the plates.37.

The driver of any vehicle carrying garbage shall not leave the spot where the plates are collected and shall keep a record of the fact that he or she has collected them.38.

The collector shall have a written contract with the person or persons concerned.39.

If there is a conflict between the provisions of this chapter and the provisions in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1956, the provisions shall prevail.40.

A collector shall not issue a plate with a number other than the one issued to him or her by the authority, on account of any other plate or plates issued.41.

A plate shall contain the following words in capital letters: “BAL” or the equivalent thereof.42.

A sticker, tag or similar device, which contains the name of the owner and the name and number of the garbage collector, shall be affixed to the plates as prescribed.43.

The sticker or tag shall contain a serial number of at least nine digits, which may be in the form of a three-digit code, an eight-digit symbol or a number, as the case may be.44.

The stickers or tags shall be attached to the garbage plates.45.

A notice shall be given to the collector by post and, if the plate does not have the required stickers or tag, shall appear in the window or on the side of the waste carrier or on a plate in the yard or on any other place that is convenient to him, in writing or by hand.46.

The notice shall state the following facts


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