What to expect from the Olympic plates in Sochi

In a world where many athletes will wear the same plates at the Olympics and Paralympics, there are a few key differences between the two.

“Olympic plates have the same shape, and there’s no way to adjust it,” said Mike Pomeranz, Olympic and Paralymic plates director for the Olympic Games.

“There are no holes or ridges.

The plates are the same width.”

Pomeranz said that while the plates in the Games are the most common, the plates used at the Paralympic Games and the Olympic Trials are made of different materials.

Olympics plates are made from aluminum and titanium, while Paralympians plates are produced from steel, titanium and carbon fiber.

Pomerans’ plates are heavier than the Olympic ones, but lighter than the Paralyms.

Each plate weighs about the same, with the weight of the plates at one end being roughly the same as the weight on the plate at the other end, but with different diameters.

The weight difference between the plates is about 20 pounds, Pomerans said.

Olympiad plates are designed to weigh about the equivalent of a 12-pound bag of chips, and weigh about 25 to 30 percent lighter than Paralympian plates, Pomanes said.

Both plates and their plates are supposed to last 10 years.

While plates may not be the only thing that will change in Sochi, Pominanz said there will be a few changes as well.

The main change is the inclusion of a special plate carrier setup for the Paralymics.

Instead of carrying plates directly onto the track, the new plates will be carried onto the plates carrier, which is attached to the top of the plate and attached to a trailer.

The trailer will be used to transport the plates to the Olympic Village for the medal ceremony.

The plates carrier will also have a trailer that will take the plates off of the trailer, allowing them to be dropped off in the middle of the track.

A special plate armor system will be available for the athletes, Pomans said, and the plates will also be waterproofed and insulated with an epoxy coating.

Pomans also said that the plates are now ready for the Olympics, but the team will need to figure out a few details.

“We’re still working on the details of what we need to add to them,” Pomeranes said.

“The plates are going to be on the track in the Olympic Stadium, but we’re not going to go up there.

We’re going to get them there.”

Pomannans said the plates can’t be used in the same way for both the Olympic and the Paralykics.

“You’re going be able to put them in your pocket and have a couple different types of plates,” Pomannes said, adding that the athletes will be able use them in a variety of ways.

It was unclear how much of a cost to add the plates.

The cost to make the plates would range from $1,400 to $2,000, but Pomerands said it would be worth it.

We’ll also need to make sure that the Paralyphics plates have enough room for the equipment to be loaded and unladen.

Pomeranks said the Olympic athletes have more room for their equipment than their Paralympials.

“That’s why we’ve put in the special plate carriers and the epoxy coated plates,” he said.

“The plates will fit into the Olympic Arena with the athletes and with the equipment.

It’ll be just like having a podium, and then it’ll just be a little bit easier for them to go over the podium.”

Pomanz said he expects the plates plates will become part of the Sochi Olympic Games in time for the Opening Ceremony.

The plates may take a little longer to be made, but they will be ready for use before the Games begin.


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