When Christmas plates get a makeover, a tax write-off?

Christmas plates are becoming more popular.

The plates are no longer just decorative or fun.

They’re also getting a tax-write-off.

A new study finds that plates that are priced at $1,500 or more on the secondary market, can pay back about $50 a year to the government.

That’s because the plates are taxed at the higher price.

The study by the Tax Policy Center found that the median tax credit on plates that cost $1 in 2016 was $5,300.

But plates that were $500 or less on the market, only paid back $4,100.

The report found that some plates have been priced so low they are tax-free.

For example, plates that have been offered for as little as $500 and up can pay for themselves in a matter of months.

And the plates that make up $1 million in value on the plate market pay off the government in just over a year, the report found.

It’s a tax code tweak that helps make plates more affordable, the Tax Foundation’s Dan Sperling said.

“They’re just making a bit of money off of it, and that’s the point,” Sperly said.

“It’s not about how much the plate is going to cost, it’s about what the tax code says is the tax.”

For now, the plates will be taxed at $500, but there is a possibility that plates could be taxed more as a secondary market option, the tax center said.

The Tax Policy Council is an arm of the U.S. Treasury Department.

While the Tax Center has published similar analyses of the plates, it is not the same organization.


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