When Michigan license plate decals strike a chord, local businesses open doors

A group of Michigan license plates struck a chord with a local business owner.

 The license plate was created by a local artist and now it is on display at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, business, the Detroit Free Press reports.

A small group of license plates was created in 2009 by a young artist and the artist is named Chris.

The artist was inspired by a family that had owned a car dealership in Grand Rapids and the name of the business was Chris’ mom, said his friend, Mike Brown, who has been an artist for more than 20 years.

Brown said that when the artist and his mom started the project, the plate was designed to represent the family.

“The plates are all handmade, and they are really personal,” Brown said.

Brown’s mom, Patricia, said she started her business when she was 14 years old, selling her handcrafted handmade plates to local businesses.

She said she would hand-make the plates in her shop and hand-deliver them to her customers.

After the plates were hand-made, the artist made the final decision to make the plates official, Brown said, and it has been a success.

In addition to selling hand-crafted plates, Brown’s mom also sells the personalized license plates.

Some of the plates have become a regular occurrence at her local businesses, including the local restaurant, The Green Machine, Brown and Brown said in a statement.

According to the statement, the plates are made by hand and are personalized to each customer.

Grand Rapids, Mich., business owners are also seeing the plates as a business boon.

Chris Brown said he and Patricia Brown received thousands of plates from around the world before the plates went up on display on the local business.

When he learned the plates would be on display in Grandville, Michigan on Friday, Brown got a phone call from a customer who said he was a Michigan resident and that he wanted a plate.

That customer also said he wanted to donate the plates to his local business, Brown added.

And Brown said that the plates also have been an easy selling point for the business, even though the plates cost $35 to $40 apiece.

He said the plates and the personalized business name helped keep his business afloat and keep his customers happy, according to the Free Press.

While the plates may be a success, Brown also said that it is a great way to promote local businesses and keep people interested in the area.

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