When the parking lot of Walmart goes digital: New technology could lead to more parking spots

By JEFF FOGLER and STEVEN BOUDREAUESPN Staff WriterThe parking lot at Walmart is a big part of American life, but one of its most important features isn’t the place itself, but the number of spots it provides.

Walmart recently rolled out a new technology that lets customers park anywhere within a few feet of their car.

In the past, people parked at the curb of the lot and sometimes even at the back of the car.

That left lots of space in between and sometimes had problems with other drivers who parked their cars too close to the curb.

But Walmart’s new technology uses cameras to capture images of cars as they drive, so it can automatically tell if they’re parked within the limits of the parking lots it manages.

It can also help make sure they aren’t blocking other parking spots, or causing damage to the lot.

The cameras will be rolling out across Walmart stores across the country, and the company has a program in place to use the data to help store managers plan future parking patterns.

And, if the parking camera data does show signs of overpopulation, it could help store manager decide how much parking is required to maintain a level of safety.

WalMart has already experimented with the technology, using it to help manage its parking lots.

And in the past year, Walmart has used it to try and reduce the number and type of parking spots it allows to be in a given lot.

In one example, Walmart had over 7,000 parking spaces on its lots at a given time in 2017.

It used that information to set limits on the number that could be used.

The company later decided to limit those spaces to 2,500.

Walton employees were given the new cameras to help reduce parking in their offices.

It was an attempt to reduce parking issues on the busy Walmart campus, where it opened a new retail store.

Walmart has since also implemented a new program where employees can pay a $2 fee to park in their company’s parking lot.

Walmecard, the company’s loyalty program, also has the new technology on its website, but it is not available in all stores.

The new technology could be useful in other locations where Walmart does not have parking lots, such as in grocery stores, but Walmart has not said when that will happen.

Walman spokeswoman Michelle Johnson said that Walmart does plan to implement a pilot program to use parking data to make changes to the way it manages parking.

Walmart currently uses the technology to help plan parking patterns for stores like Whole Foods, but Johnson said it’s not yet clear how that would work at Walmart stores.

The company has experimented with parking lot management in the last year.

Walmart used the technology for the first time at the end of last year to reduce the amount of parking it allowed on the property, Johnson said.

But that was because Walmart had not had enough parking spaces to handle the increased demand.

Walmart now has about 1,200 parking spaces available.

Johnson said Walmart has received about 3,000 requests for parking-related data since January, but she did not know when that number would increase.

She said the company also used parking data at a Walmart store in the fall to improve parking efficiency.

Johnson said the technology is used for all of Walmart’s stores and that it is designed to help managers decide how many parking spots to allow on a given property.

“We know that when we’re able to have parking management within the space constraints, we’re also able to reduce that number of parking spaces and help us manage that space better,” she said.