When Walmart is shopping for paper plates for Thanksgiving, the best choices for the poor are Walmart paper plates

Walmart has started offering paper plates to the poor and the elderly, but many of them have problems with them.

The company has introduced new paper plates in India, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan and recently launched the paper plate in the US.

The new paper plate, which comes in six sizes, has a metal plate that is not plastic but is made of paper instead of metal, according to a Walmart press release.

Walmart said that its goal is to provide food, clothing and household items that meet the needs of the poorest people in the world.

It said the plates can be reused and reused often enough that they will last for years.

The plates are designed for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Walmart said that it has given out over 200 million paper plates since 2011.

The US-based retailer also said that the new plates will be available through its online store from Dec. 17.