Why a British designer is creating a new piece of modernism with the plate of a samurai

The sport-themed plate that is going up at the new British Iron and Steel Museum is a striking piece of retro-design that might have been a bit too modern for a country whose first Olympic medals were won at the 1968 Games in Munich.

The design, made by designer David Jones, is a combination of metal plates that are covered in the symbol of the samurai. 

The plate itself is made of steel, but the shape of the plate is also influenced by Japanese sword-wielding culture.

The plates have two ends, one that wraps around the other, and are designed to look like swords. 

“I wanted to have something that is an amalgamation of the past and the present,” Jones said. 

He said the plate was inspired by an ancient Japanese sword called the katana. 

Jones said he was inspired to make the plate after visiting a samurai museum in Japan, where he had the opportunity to learn about samurai culture. 

As part of his project, Jones has made a steel plate for the museum that is made from a combination steel plate, aluminum plate and brass plate, all covered with a katana emblem. 

This is the only piece of metal he has ever made, he said.

The plate is one of only a handful of pieces in Britain that have the design in metal. 

In addition to being a tribute to Japan, Jones said he wanted to make something that was both timeless and contemporary.

He said that he wanted the design to look very much like a piece of history, with a lot of history. 

While the design for the plate may seem futuristic, Jones was not entirely sure if it was something that he had actually designed. 

One thing is for sure, he was not planning on making the design famous.

“It’s a design that has the potential to have an impact on the future, but I haven’t decided if I’ll use it or not,” Jones told the BBC. 

 Jones was born in 1964, so it is hard to tell whether the design will have an influence on the design of the museum, which opens its doors on November 1. 

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