Why the plate for ‘Mississippi License Plate’ won’t work in South Dakota

A new South Dakota license plate that was once thought to be a joke is actually a real plate that the state has put in place to help prevent the proliferation of plate duplicates, a new report finds.

In a blog post published Wednesday, The Associated Press reports that a South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDOT) employee discovered the plate in February, and then the state asked the AP to take it down from its website.

The plate reads “Mississippian Plate,” but the state’s Department of Revenue and Licensing says that it’s a real South Dakota plate with an “M” that looks more like a “C.”

That’s because “MissISSIPOLES” is a common abbreviation for “Missouri License Plate,” which is a state code that describes the plate’s design.

“The South Dakota Plate was created to address confusion regarding license plates,” the agency said in a statement.

“While the South Dakota Code is not required to require a license plate to be the same as another plate, it is recommended to use a distinctive design that can be recognized easily by customers.”

But the plate that’s currently on sale in South Carolina is a duplicate of another South Dakota License Plate, which has a different “M.”

The plates are supposed to be similar, but a lot of people are confused because there are many plates that look like the South Carolina License Plate and many plates with different letters, and the plates with the same letters are often sold at discount prices.

“Our customers and the public will need to be better educated to avoid duplicates and confusing plates,” SDOT said.

“SDOT encourages the use of the same letter or number on all plates, including those that look similar to each other.”

A new plate is a new plate, and that’s a good thing.

We’ve seen some other plates that were a joke.

The State of Ohio, which uses the “M,” has a similar design to the Missouri License Plate.

Other states with plates that are similar to one another are Virginia, Louisiana, Arizona, and New Mexico.

(Ohio does have a special plate for the Confederate flag that is not identical to the “Miss,” so it’s not quite as silly.)

The plates, which are $10 each, are being offered at discounted prices on eBay and other sites.

SDOT is asking for feedback about the plates and their use, so if you see one that looks a little too similar to another, let us know.


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